Prizes and Grants

SP-Arte constantly looks for ways to create and strengthen bonds that bring together different players from the art circuit. As such, it fosters activities aimed at artists, curators, institutions and galleries. These initiatives encourage continuous learning opportunities through residency grants abroad, offered to Brazilian creators, and financial support for the development of creative projects.

Check out below the prizes offered during SP-Arte 2019, at the Bienal Pavilion.

SP-Arte Residency


Winning artist:
Paul Setúbal


The seventh edition of the SP-Arte Residency Prize offered a three-month long stay at Delfina Foundation, one of the main organisations of its kind, located in London. This year, the finalists was Bruno Faria (Periscópio Arte Contemporânea), Daniel Lie (Casa Triângulo), Jaime Lauriano (Galeria Leme A/D), Leticia Ramos (Mendes Wood DM), Paul Setúbal (Andrea Rehder Arte Contemporânea) and Virginia de Medeiros (Galeria Nara Roesler).

Paul Setúbal won the award.

Marcos Amaro
Art Prize


Winning artist:
Marcelo Moscheta


A partnership between SP-Arte and Fundação Marcos Amaro, the Marcos Amaro Art Prize aims to foster the contemporary Brazilian artistic production, awarding relevant names with an experimental practice, innovating media and languages. In 2019, the finalists were André Komatsu (Vermelho), Estela Sokol (Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte), Jonathas de Andrade (Vermelho), Marcelo Moscheta (Vermelho) and Virginia de Medeiros (Galeria Nara Roesler).

Marcelo Moscheta received the prize. In “Rejeito”, the artist will create the course of an imaginary river out of dry leaves made of ceramic, replicating their textures and deformations.



Winning artist:
Cristiano Lenhardt


With the objective of promoting performance in the institutional contexts of art, the Prêmio Aquisição SP-Arte donated one of the actions that integrate the Performance sector of this 15th edition to the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo. The selection was made by the curatorial team of the museum itself.

Cristiano Lenhardt was the winner with the performance “Atoritoleituralogosh”.