Gallery Night


Galleries in the Vila Madalena, Pinheiros, Jardins and Itaim neighborhoods open their doors for extended hours and receive exhibitions, guided visits, performances and get-togethers.




SP-Arte, in partnership with ARTE!Brasileiros, promotes its series of debates year after year. The program was especially created to discuss some of the most relevant themes in the field of contemporary visual arts, bringing together culture specialists, collectors, historians, investors, gallerists and artists.




In partnership with Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo, SP-Arte presented a sector exclusively dedicated to performances. At the heart of this investigation was the body and its relation to contemporary art.


Prizes and Grants


SP-Arte constantly seeks out ways to create and reinforce bonds that unite different players in the art circuit. As such, it fosters actions earmarked for artists, curators, institutions and galleries. Both through education scholarships and via financial support.


Donations Program


Since 2008, SP-Arte promotes a program to encourage art donations to important public and private collections in the country, seeking to help develop their collections and increase the presence of local and international art production at these institutes.