Projects by Architects

The Design sector hosts for the first time a space with furniture pieces exclusively designed by seven renowned Brazilian architects. Arthur de Mattos Casas, Dado Castello Branco, Felippe Crescenti, Lia Siqueira and Pedro Mendes da Rocha present new pieces. Isay Weinfeld brings his famous Totó Bar and ISAY Armchair; while, in partnership with office MMBB, Paulo Mendes da Rocha shows firsthand furniture specially created for the Sesc 24 de Maio unit. At SP-Arte/2017, architecture, design and art come together in remarkable initiatives.

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See below the exhibited projects:


Arthur de Mattos Casas

Saci Chair, 2016
produced by ETEL


Dado Castello Branco

Caminho Table, 2017
produced by ETEL


Felippe Crescenti

Benches 20, 40, 60 and 80, 2017
prototypes developed with collaboration from Carlos de Souza (Seartis Serralheria)

Lanterns 2 and 4, 2017
prototypes developed with collaboration from Carlos de Souza, (Seartis Serralheria), Carlos Bertolucci (Cia de Iluminação) and Gianfranco Zucchini (Legno Marcenaria)


Isay Weinfeld

Isay Armchair, 2006
Totó Bar, 2006
part of a collection produced by ETEL


Lia Siqueira

Lo-lou, 2017
Renda Bench, 2017
prototypes produced by ETEL


Paulo Mendes da Rocha

24 de maio Chair, 2016
4 lugares Sofa, 2016
Triangular Table, 2016
prototypes from Sesc São Paulo’s permanent collection, of a furniture especially created and developed for Sesc 24 de maio


Pedro Mendes da Rocha

Lelê Table, 2015
Polis Table, 2015
prototypes produced by arte3