Melissa Meio-Fio


Project Melissa Meio-Fio presented during SP-Arte artists from the alternative scene. Video projection, fashion and empowerment, besides performance on long-duration, have occupied the Bienal Pavilion.



Associação Cultural Videobrasil and SP-Arte presented Nada levarei quando morrer, aqueles que me devem cobrarei no inferno [Nothing I’ll take when I die, those who will charge me in hell], an exhibition held in partnership between the two institutions. The opening was on April 6, during SP-Arte, in the VB Galpão.

The exhibition brought works by Caetano Dias, Claudia Andujar, Miguel Rio Branco, Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima, Rodrigo Bueno, Rodrigo Braga, Runo Lagomarsino and Virginia de Medeiros as part of the art festival programming.

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Projects by Architects


The Design sector hosts for the first time a space with furniture pieces exclusively designed by seven renowned Brazilian architects. Arthur de Mattos Casas, Dado Castello Branco, Felippe Crescenti, Lia Siqueira and Pedro Mendes da Rocha present new pieces. Isay Weinfeld brings his famous Totó Bar and ISAY Armchair; while, in partnership with office MMBB, Paulo Mendes da Rocha shows firsthand furniture specially created for the Sesc 24 de Maio unit. At SP-Arte/2017, architecture, design and art come together in remarkable initiatives.

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