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Referência Galeria de Arte

Brasília, Brazil


In more than two decades of consolidated performance in Brazil’s visual art market, Referência Galeria de Arte brings to the federal capital some of the most important names in contemporary Brazilian art as well as releasing young talents through exhibitions such as “Novas referências” (New References), “Ocupação contemporânea” (Contemporary Occupation), “Feira novos eixos” (New Axes Fair), among others.

The gallery aims to introduce young artists from Brasilia and other cities into the visual arts market. Referência has participated in art fairs since 2008, presenting, in its booths, contemporary artists with a solid career, along with promising young artists, being very well received by collectors, curators and the general public visiting the fair. Annually, executes about 5 solo and 5 collective exhibitions, which is possible due to the fact that the gallery has two exhibition rooms.


Onice Moraes de Oliveira
Paulo Moraes Rosildete de Oliveira


SCLN Quadra, 202
Brasília, DF

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