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Portas Vilaseca Galeria

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Portas Vilaseca Galeria was founded by Jaime Portas Vilaseca in 2010 and has operated by February 201 in the neighbourhood of Leblon, Rio de Janeiro; year in its space was expanded to a three floors building in the neighbourhood of Botafogo, in the same city. Today we represent 17 artists from the recent history of visual arts in Brazil.

Our gallery has as characteristics two axis: (i) the bet in ascending artist; and (i) the experimentation. From different generations and from diverse geographic points in Brazil, the represented artists develop researches in all languages of visual arts – from the painting to performance, from sculpture to video and always open to overlapping of medias. More than mere producers of objects, each of them researches the field of visual art with concerns related to the image status in the contemporaneity.

Because of this, when we observe the exhibitions made, not only in the gallery, but also in art fairs, it is clear that the exhibition act is treated as a physical and visual unique experience. Ou gallery, therefore, has as values the divulgation and institutionalisation in Brazil and abroad of its artists; been necessary that the works be, above all, on exercise of individual freedom – to the public who assimilates them; to the artists who create them; or, to the gallery which lodge and encourage them. Portas Vilaseca Galeria is associated member of the Brazilian Contemporary Art Association – ABACT.


Jaime Portas Vilaseca


Rio de Janeiro
R. Dona Mariana, 137
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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