Interview with Art Consulting Tool

Marina Dias Teixeira
20 Jul 2020, 9:46 am

The art market may seem a hermetic world for those who do not usually move between galleries and art collections, but there are specialists dedicated to opening doors for anyone who wants to enter this universe, in an inviting, personalized and assertive way. 

To better understand the role of the art advisor, a professional specialized in the art market, we talked to the three partner firms of SP-Arte operating in this branch. Continuing the series of interviews, Art Consulting Tool explains the ramifications of an art advisory and the possibilities of guidance for clients seeking a customized consultancy in art. To give a taste of this service, they pick a selection of works available at SP-Arte 365.

Equipe Advising Act.

What is art advisory and what is its role within the art market?

Art Consulting Tool: Art advisory is a consultancy service specialized in the art market. We guide people involved in buying and selling art in their decision making and show the best way forward. For those interested in acquiring artworks, this service includes the prospecting of specific works for the client and the gathering of market information such as price, quality, condition reports and authenticity of artworks. For those interested in selling art, this service includes an assessment of where, when and how to sell in order to maximize return.

How and why was Art Consulting Tool’s office born?

Act.: Art Consulting Tool was born from the demand of collectors, whether young or experienced, on how to navigate assertively in an increasingly larger and more diffused art market. This includes not only the assessment to buy and sell artworks, but also the management of collections and the organization and planning of all further specialized services such as framing, restoration, shipping, insurance and assembly.

Who are the clients of an art consultant?

Act.: The clients of an art consultant are individuals or companies that can form collections of artworks or even who are interested in buying an artwork for a specific location. Clients range from those who have no experience in the art market and do not know where to start to great institutional collectors who demand specific artworks and who need assistance to manage their collections.

What are the main objectives of the company?

Act.: Our mission is to connect art and people, demystify the market and contribute to the construction of a solid system of arts. We believe in the potential of art as a transformative agent and catalyst for real experiences and we want to bring this to everyone.

What difference can an art consultant make when conducting a purchase?

Act.: Based on our experience, we analyze and understand the internal workings of the market, seeking the best opportunities for our customers. We keep a constant track of market movements and closely follow the career of Brazilian and international artists. From this, we suggest assertive acquisitions, building lasting art collections and never forgetting about heritage conservation.

An art advisor guarantees the buyer a balance between the cultural value and the market placement of a work of art, such as the best terms of purchase, financial planning, shipping, installation and even a better tax strategy.

The concept is relatively new in Brazil, when compared to abroad. What is your take on this?

Act.: The art advisory service in Brazil increases the performance and professionalization of the national art market as a whole, a movement that has been greatly driven by the SP-Arte Fair, founded in 2005. This phenomenon is a natural step in an increasingly complex market, whose uniqueness lies only in the fact that many collectors and buyers of art fail to assess the quality of the work of art and its price without expert guidance. Immersed in a myriad of information and references, even the most experienced collector is often confused.

How is the work carried out? Do you usually follow specific artists and galleries?

Act.: We adapt our service to the profile of each client, who can be very variable. Thus, we follow artists and galleries not only in Brazil, but worldwide. This also applies to art auctions. Finally, we are present at the main art fairs in the world, researching art, following the market and connecting our customers with the international contemporary art circuit.

What is the first piece of advice you would give an aspiring collector?

Act.: Buy an artist that you admire and a work that you like and would be happy to live with every day. Valuation and speculation should never be a central concern.

Check below the artworks of SP-Arte 365 selected especially by the Art Consulting Tool

Carlos Araujo

Oil on Canvas on Wood
Painting: 51.18 x 43.31 inches: 130 x 110 cm

About Art Consulting Tool

Act. is a consultancy service that fills gaps in the art world on a global scale. We are involved with agents from all over the circuit: collectors, galleries, museums, artists, independent spaces and institutions. Act. advises public or private collections – recently started or already established – on how to collect, manage and catalog art. They assist in all aspects of building a collection, meeting the specific needs of each client, always with discretion and confidentiality. Composed by a plural team with extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, Act. guides in the acquisition of significant works of art, from emerging to established artists.

Assertive acquisitions and heritage preservation are central concerns in their service. Act. seeks to connect art and people, and build solid communities that converge on a new perception of art.

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Marina Dias Teixeira graduated in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of the Arts London (UAL). She has worked as part of Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, Sotheby’s Brazil and SP–Arte teams. Today, she is Project Coordinator at Act., art consulting bureau based in São Paulo. In parallel, she researches decolonial theories and the production by artists of the African Diaspora in the contemporary arts circuit, with a focus on black women. Since 2020, she collaborates for Casa Vogue Brazil, with a close look on black artists and their production.

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