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What is: art advisor

Giovana Christ
3 Jul 2020, 1:01 pm

The role of the art advisor in the visual arts is becoming increasingly essential not only for new collectors, but also for those who already have a larger collection of artworks. Julia Porchat, founder of Art Ahead Advisory, says that “[the art advisor] has the profession of seeking references and specific knowledge in fields related to visual arts. That knowledge is absorbed and then shared in an accessible way with customers, who can combine their personal experiences with this information. ”

The professional can then play the role of educating new collectors, facilitating access to the work of artists who are difficult to acquire, helping to build a concept for large collections and, in general, making their customers purchase in a conscious way of what they are acquiring and of the history behind the artworks.

“We live in an era with a huge amount of information. This also affects art. By condensing this information, we help customers with their decision making. This information helps to create experiences in art, which provides not only engagement but also a pleasurable format for absorbing knowledge”, says Julia.

However, the service may be different for those who are new to collecting and for those who have been in the art world for some time. In the first case, the art advisor uses their experience to guide entry into the immense world of art and present the developments that a collection can take over time. In the second case, the role may be to organize the existing collection, cataloging the pieces already purchased, analyzing the points where it can be strengthened, and identifying the customer’s tastes.

When purchasing new works, professionals travel to fairs, representing their clients, and take advantage of their wide range of contacts in the industry to acquire exclusive works that could be more difficult to obtain without an art advisor. Additionally, the professional can take care of transport issues, specific packaging for each job, insurance issues, installation in the final space and also advise on the conservation of each work.

Giovana Christ is a journalism student at ECA – USP, a Brazilian carnival enthusiast and passionate about all types of cultural events. She is part of the editorial team at SP-Arte.

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