Vik Muniz

Brazil, 1961


Vik Muniz is internationally recognized for his work in photography, defying the perception of the viewer by creating images composed by a variety of non-conventional materials, usually citing significant references in visual culture from both high and popular culture.

Muniz began his career in New York at the end of the 1980s, realizing his first solo show in 1988. Initially working with sculpture, the artist transitioned to photography once he realized the potential of the medium after photographing his own works. He then turned to experimenting with a variety of materials, edible or not, seeking to meticulously reproduce popular images known to the general public. With this practice, Muniz grew increasingly more renowned, realizing exhibitions in important institutions around the world. He is also well known for coordinating and participating in service projects, believing that art has the power to transform. One of these projects, Pictures of Garbage (2008), was the subject of the documentary Waste Land (Lucy Walker, 2010), nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary Feature category. Pictures of Garbage also contributed to his nomination as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2011.

Source: Galeria Nara Roesler


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