"Bacanas Books" Exhibition

Once again, SP-Arte is presenting an exhibition of artist’s books with the aim of putting the public into contact with this kind of artistic production. The exhibition features artist Fabio Morais’ collection, Bacanas Books, which consists mainly of artist’s books and publications, but also contains rare editions and multiples.

The selection of works for the exhibition is based on the connections between the works featured in the show and on the dynamics of how the collection was put together, once the acquisitions in Bacanas Books are narrated by Fabio Morais in a blog, a blend of a collector’s diary and a virtual catalog. By shedding light on this dynamics and revealing it through the works themselves, the exhibition makes the public aware of how the act of collecting is more than simple accumulation, involving a range of concerns [personal, autobiographical, literary, visual, political, etc.]. In the case of artist’s books and publications, there is a further singularity involved, which is the fact that the contemporary artistic production prevails the logic of the publishing circuit, adopting particularities that differentiates it from other art, such as wide-scale distribution and large print runs at low prices.

For the exhibition, some publications were selected from the collection of Bacanas Books accompanied by their respective texts published on the blog. Some of the works of the collection can be accessed at www.bacanasbooks.blogspot.com.br.