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Zipper Galeria

São Paulo, Brazil


Opened in 2010, Zipper Galeria has been mostly focused on young and emerging artists of the Brazilian and Latin America art scene. Its main purpose is to open access to new discourses of contemporary art. In the last few years, it has given space to artists that are not represented by any gallery. Public programmes such as the Zip'Up project, created in 2011, and the Artists' Salon Without Gallery, that happens once a year since 2012, have played an important role in launching young artist on the Brazilian art scene.

Recently, Zipper also began to look at an experimental art in new media of the 1980s and 1990s, names that influenced a more recent production in the Brazilian and Latin American scene, among them the Argentinian Graciela Sacco and the Brazilian Mario Ramiro.

Beyond the coitainer-like facade, exhibitions are planned with rhythim and accuracy to its principles. Developed by Marcelo Rosenbaum, the project was thought to create a warm and unpretentious space, aiming to approximate the audience. This atmosphere matches perfectly with the fresh language of its emerging artists. Individual and groups shows are also organized by guest curators, which are often invited for public talks in the gallery.

The gallery is lead by Fabio Cimino, who started his career in 1983 working with Raquel Arnaud in one of the most established Brazilian gallery. From 1993 to 1996, he worked as an art advisor and marchand, helping to create and develop several private and public collections in the country. Between 1997 and 2008, he was also a founder of Brito Cimino Gallery, responsible for launching many names of modern and contemporary art on the international scene. Since 2012, Zipper is also managed by Lucas Cimino.


Lucas Cimino
Fabio Cimino
Osmar Santos


São Paulo
R. Estados Unidos, 1494
São Paulo, SP

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