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São Paulo, Brazil


Born from the enthusiasm and inspiration that animates the spirit of the artistic creation, Verve is a shelter for different platforms of contemporary art. Eloquence and subtlety are at the root of the term Verve, as well as in the careful selection of artists and exhibition projects. Understanding that artistic languages comprise continuous and complementary processes, the gallery represents both young and established professionals who freely move between painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and printmaking.

Directed by visual artist Allann Seabra and architect Ian Duarte Lucas, the gallery occupies a century-old house, in direct dialogue with the built heritage of the city of São Paulo. In the diversity of its exhibition spaces, an array of possibilities emerge that go beyond the white cube format, extending its activities to the street and fulfilling the integrating function between art, the public and the city.


Allann Seabra
Ian Duarte Lucas


São Paulo
R. Lisboa, 285
São Paulo, SP

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