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São Paulo, Brazil


Eighteen years in the making, Vermelho continues to promote an alternative format for commercial contemporary art spaces through an interdisciplinary program with exhibitions, fashion, film, dance, music and performance in an ongoing effort to break new ground and old paradigms in art.

An illustrative example of this effort is the Performance Art Festival Verbo, a non-profit annual festival currently in its 15th edition. Through presenting works by artists and academics whose content aims to expand the field of performance art, Verbo has over the years hosted professionals from more than 20 different countries.

Another example of the gallery’s interdisciplinary program is the Tijuana, created in 2007; space designed specifically for showing and producing artist’s books. In 2009 the first Tijuana Printed Art Fair was held in the gallery, bringing together publishers dedicated to artist’s books and special editions from several cities in South America and Europe. The first international edition of the event was held in Buenos Aires in 2014 and has since expanded to other cities such as Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Porto.

True to form, Vermelho inaugurated its projection room, Sala Antonio, in 2016. The idea is to present works which border filmmaking and the visual arts.


Eliana Finkelstein
Eduardo Brandão
Jan Fjeld


São Paulo
R. Minas Gerais, 350
São Paulo, SP

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