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Simões de Assis

São Paulo, Brazil
Curitiba, Brazil


In 1984, Waldir Simões de Assis Filho founded Simões de Assis in Curitiba (Paraná, Brazil) with the deep desire to move and decentralize the production and circulation of art.

Since its opening, Simões de Assis has directed its gaze towards modern and contemporary art, especially the Latin American production. Throughout decades of work, the gallery has focused on the preservation and diffusion of the estate of important artists such as Carmelo Arden Quin, Cícero Dias, Miguel Bakun and Niobe Xandó, with the partnership of families and foundations responsible for them.

Art is also what is produced by many meetings and the close relationship with researchers and curators. Simões de Assis has achieved the articulation needed to spread and represent its artists in Brazil and abroad.

Together with Simões de Assis, in 2011, the SIM Gallery was opened, dedicated to contemporary art and founded by the second generation of the family, Guilherme and Laura Simões de Assis. In order to create a program that contemplates the current production, SIM is dedicated to exhibiting artists who began their practices in the 1980s.

In 2018, both galleries inaugurated a space in São Paulo, with the purpose of joining forces to reassure the work of artistic and intellectual production, stimulating exchanges and debates and fostering the career of their artists too.

After almost 10 years in a deep relation between them, SIM and Simões de Assis started an agreeing dialogue to be even more powerful, and in 2020 they united their programs.

Understanding that art is the contact among what it was, is and will be, being able to go through all the times, Simões de Assis, now run by both generations of the family, proposes the constant revision of the artistic production of the past based on contemporary reflections, promoting the interaction among artists of different generations.

Art is a wide process of reinvention, accumulation and reflection, and the Simões de Assis from 1984 continues to reassure today its commitment to help preserve memory and thus write new future possibilities.


Waldir Simões de Assis Filho
Guilherme Simões de Assis
Laura Simões de Assis


São Paulo
R. Sarandi, 113 A
São Paulo, SP

Al. Carlos de Carvalho, 2173 A
Curitiba, PR

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