Passado Composto Século XX

São Paulo, Brazil



The Gallery Passado Composto Século XX, with curatorship by Graça Bueno, presents in April, in its booth at SP-Arte 2019 and at the gallery, the exhibition "Woven Art II", focusing on flat artistic tapestries from the 1960s, executed in handloom, of the important geometric abstract painters, Jacques Douchez (1921-2012) and Norberto Nicola (1930-2007), who founded in 1959 the "Atelier Douchez-Nicola" (1959-1980), renovator and radiator atelier of the national tapestry art . These award-winning artists of international career, we highlight Nicola's work "Barroco" (1.60 X 1.06), which participated in the Plastic Arts Sector of the 8th São Paulo Biennial in 1965, and Douchez’s monumental work (5.00 x 1.90), conceived on demand in 1968. The exhibition also pays homage to “carioca-mineiro” artist Rubem Dario Horta Bittencourt (1941-1978), considered as "the painter and magic poet of colors", who had a short meteoric artistic career, and dedicated himself to transpose his unique works in tapestries from 1964. From the artist Rubem Dario, who said "do not live without the landscape or without the vision of nature", we present extraordinary master works and one embroidered tapestry, all on the same theme of multicolored and vibrant stylized nature. These three artists of different identities, Douchez, Nicola and Dario, participated together in important collective exhibitions of artistic tapestries, such as the First Biennial of Applied Arts of Uruguay, in Punta del Este in 1965, with the collaboration of the São Paulo Biennial. We have invited the textile artist Eva Soban, awarded in 1979 by MAM of São Paulo, to participate in this exhibition with one of her contemporary works. The exhibition is set with modern, rare and collectible Brazilian furniture from the designers: Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992), Carlo Hauner (1927-1997), Martin Eisler (1913-1977), Geraldo de Barros (1923-1998), Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014), Jorge Zalszupin (1922-) and Jean Gillon (1919-2007). In order to magnify this achievement, that enhances our modern artistic Brazilianness, the gallery will present the launch in lighting, in natural mineral quartz crystal, of the contemporary designer and antiquarian Cida Santana, founder of the brand Passado Composto in 1988.


Graça Bueno


São Paulo
Al. Lorena, 1996
São Paulo, SP