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Janaina Torres Galeria

São Paulo, Brazil


Began acting in 2016 with the proposal to house a sort of new and vibrant contemporary art, that expresses itself in experiments of both young and established artists, through a thorough selection and collaboration with independent curators. With artists that manifest themselves through painting, installation, video, photography and performance, the gallery’s intention is to approximate the public to the most distinguished artistic expressions that refers to the social, political and cultural context we live in, both in Brazil and abroad.

Settled in a boldly architectured space, it detaches itself from the ethereal model that has been established in the art environment. The gallery is a space of free creative expansion for its artists and the projects it develops. In its artists list, there are creative minds that incite the viewer to be taken to other dimensions through art, so that these people can become opinion formers in the market and in the institutional scope.

The gallery is opened to welcome a varied public, from the most scholared to the most popular, encouraging the exchange of a wide range of perceptions and praising learning through a plural dialogue, with no strings attached to the market flow. Our daily mission is to work for the visibility of these strong and incisive artists, of constant and provoking production, so they’re institutionally recognized, and have their legacy represented by respected institutions.


Janaina Torres


São Paulo
R. Joaquim Antunes, 177
São Paulo, SP
55 3064

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