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Jacqueline Terpins

São Paulo, Brazil


Jacqueline Terpins is a Brazilian artist that for over 20 years has dwelled in both art and design. She majored in Visual Communication at the Escola de Belas Artes at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro), studied glass blowing technique at the Penland School of Art and Craft (USA) and at the Pilchulk Glass School (USA); and she also studied drawing at the Byam Shaw School of Art (England) - today merged into Central Saint Martins. She studied, during the 70's, with Anna Bella Geiger, Frederico de Morais, Ivan Serpa and Lygia Pape.

Jacqueline is commonly referred to by her work in blown crystal or flat glass. However, her minimalistic aesthetic combined with an organic pursuit make her prominent and also recognised for her work in wood, corian or metals. Jacqueline's pieces seem to serve as a memory trace of the high temperature, a representation of heat. Her choice for basic geometric shapes creates minimalist, timeless objects and furniture.

In 2001 she inaugurated the Estudio Jacqueline Terpins, located in São Paulo, Brazil. It is open to the general public presenting authorial pieces of her current production, limited edition or one of a kind pieces. In 2017, she participated in the documentary series of Canal Curta! "Designers do Brasil" curated by Adélia Borges, in which an episode dedicated to her career was broadcast.

She participated in several individual and collective exhibitions. Since the inauguration of the Design sector at SP-Arte in 2016, Jacqueline features her work there. During the last edition, in 2019, she presented the ice installation "Tempo", a revisitation of her 1995 work exhibited at the Nara Roesler Gallery.


Fernando Ortega


São Paulo
R. Gustavo Teixeira, 374
São Paulo, SP
55 3872

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