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São Paulo, Brazil
Milano, Italy
Houston, United States


ETEL is the preeminent handcrafted furniture maker of Modern and Contemporary Brazilian design. Etel is known for their sophisticated wood construction, sustainable techniques, and thoughtfully curated designer selection. Through its richness of material and sleek, elegant design, an ETEL piece goes beyond the mere functional to become an engaging design experience.

The philosophy behind the craftmanship of an Etel piece is based in celebrating not just the uniqueness of the design, but the also the individuality of each piece itself. From the wood grain pattern to the cut and polishing, each piece is thought of as an original creation, with its own personality and DNA. And in the end of the process, every piece receives its own identifying number.

Etel works in close collaboration with designers, or in some cases their estates, following strict methodology and faithfulness to the originals. Through this process, Etel has been able to rescue and bring to the spotlight important parts of Brazilian Modern design history. That heritage is today recognized worldwide and has become an important reference in the international market.

Thanks to Etel, pieces by masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin, Sergio Rodrigues, Oswaldo Bratke, Branco & Preto and Giuseppe Scapinelli have reached a broader audience outside of Brazil and are now part of the universal design lexicon.


Lissa Carmona Tozzi


São Paulo
Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1834
São Paulo, SP
55 11 30641266

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 13
39 0238247675

Kirby Drive, 2800
Houston, Texas
1 832 487 9228

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