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A Gentil Carioca

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


A Gentil Carioca was founded in 2003 and it is a contemporary art gallery that differs from other galleries because of its particular characteristics, one of which is that it was founded by three artists - Márcio Botner, Ernesto Neto and Laura Lima - an initiative that makes it unique in Brazil. It was created with the objective to capture and spread the Brazilian art diversity to the world. Presenting itself as an agent of social transformation and opinion maker, this gallery is a space to think, produce, experience, celebrate and market the art. We believe that each artwork is a cultural particle with enough power to disseminate culture and education.

As a reflex of this thinking, one of the projects that we realize is the “Gentle Wall”, each four months, we invite an artist to conceive the artwork and it is realized at the gallery external wall. Concentrating and irradiating like this, the voices of different artists and ideas in the heart of “Sahara”, popular trade center in Rio de Janeiro downtown. This project is financed by an art collector, and have the object to stimulate and strengthen the importance of the art collecting to became a project of public art. We defend the expansion of the potential field of action of art by stimulating the network of private collectors, curators, artists, and admirers of contemporary arts.


Marcio Botner
Elsa Ravazzolo


Rio de Janeiro
R. Gonçalves Ledo, 17
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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