Open Studios Circuit

The Open Studios Circuit came back innovated for SP-Foto 13th edition. Presented by Stella Artois, it counted with the participation of the already traditional group studios from Vila Madalena, Hermes Artes Visuais, Projeto Fidalga, Fonte and Vão – Espaço independente de arte, opening their doors and inviting the public to take a close look at the processes of artists devoted to the universe of photography and image. This year, Atelier do Centro, Pivô Pesquisa and Residência Artística FAAP, located Downtown, took part in the circuit, spreading the activities and encounters with the artists to other parts of town.

The Open Studios Circuit took place on the 17th of August, Saturday prior to SP-Foto, from 2PM to 6PM, Downtown, and from 5 PM to 9 PM, at Vila Madalena.


August 17

O centro de São Paulo integrou pela primeira vez o Circuito Ateliês Abertos na SP-Foto (Foto: Jéssica Mangaba)
Photo. 18.08.2019

Open Studio Circuit

Atelier do Centro

R. Epitácio Pessoa, 91

Visit to the studios of Rubens Espírito Santo, Anna Israel, Gabi Celan, Lila Loula, Luca Parise, Rafael Chvaicer, Manu Gaden, Ana Viotti, Fabiana Reis, Rodrigo Atallah, Isabella Sena, Sofia Beçack and Vitor Bighinzoli. Works by these artists will be available for purchase.


Ed. Copan, bloco A, loja 54 – Av. Ipiranga, 200

Visit to the studios of Pivô Pesquisa resident artists: Carlos Carvalho, Daniel Frota, Elle de Bernardini, Filipe Acácio, Gayle Forman, Gui Mohallem, Gustavo Torres, Laura Andreato, Léa Meier, Lucas Dupin, Lucas Simões, Luisa Brandelli, Nicolas Delaroche, Paloma Mecozzi, Raphaela Melsohn and Sol Casal.

From 4PM to 5PM, Gui Mohallem and Élle de Bernardini talk about sexuality, gender and images production.


FAAP Residência Artística

Praça do Patriarca, 78

Visit to the studios of resident artists Gauri Kulkarni, Lucas Demps, Gabriela Godói, Maíra Dietrich, Bianca Madruga, Guillermo Rodriguez, Genietta Varsi and Ygor Landari.

Vila Madalena



R. Hermes Fontes, 167

Visit to the studios of Brisa Noronha, Carla Chaim, Luisa Callegari and Julia Pontés; and to the show “Baralho”, a production by artists who attend the Project Monitoring group, hosted at Hermes by Carla Chaim, Marcelo Amorim and Nino Cais.

Projeto Fidalga

R. Fidalga, 299

Visit to the studios of Ding Musa, Leka Mendes, Luiz Telles and Otavio Zani; and to the opening of the group show “Apresentação: representação”, organized by Ding Musa, and the solo show “Rua”, Sayako Oguri.


R. Mourato Coelho, 751

Visit to the studios of Celina Portella, Élcio Miazaki, Flavia Soares, Marcelo Amorim, Nino Cais and Simone Moraes; and to the works of resident artists Felipe Alvarez Paris, from Residência Fonte, and André Bergamin, Catarina Sabino, Deco Adjiman, Julia da Mota, Leo Ayres and Marília Del Vecchio, from Residência Lava!.

VÃO – Espaço Independente de Arte

R. Mourato Coelho, 787

Visit to the studios of Carlos Pileggi, Ivan Padovani, Maria Fernanda Lopes, Maria Luiza Mazzetto, Sandra Lapage, Silvia Jabali, Susy Miranda Azis and Thais Stoklos; and to the opening of the show “Imaterial”– a collective experiment that intends to reflect upon the relationship between image and space, from a photographic perspective – conceived by the artists Maria Luiza Mazzetto, Ivan Padovani, Thais Stocklos, Maria Fernanda Lopes and Silvia Jabali. And also: projections on the rooftop with Rodrigo Gontijo and guests.