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5 Aug 2016, 10:35 am



Laura Gorski’s works move me deeply, because they mix strength and delicateness, poetry and a certain brutality. There is a text by Josué Mattos at her website (which I love) about an exhibition by Gorski and Renata Cruz that is pure transcendence. It is about desire and its place in the world, from insights by Virginia Woolf. Overwhelming!

(Bruna, content and edition)



A house completely furnished by japanese MUJI, very well-known for its non-brand concept, is available for interested public, for free. For the second time, MUJI offers its Window House, in Kamakura, to a lucky family. The idea is that the winner takes part in a research process about the experience during a two year period. Registrations can be made until August 31 (and the website’s language is japenese).

(Cristina, designer)

Dinosaur Jr. - Tiny (Official Video)

Dinosaur Jr. - Tiny (Official Video)



Have you ever seen a bulldog riding a skateboard? The gracious Beefy is the star of the new video from one of my favourite bands, Dinosaur Jr. After a long stroll with guitarist J Mascis, the little dog ends up enjoying the music and a well-deserved rest.

(Tringoni, content and social media)

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