SP-Arte Picks: check out what our staff has to share this week

8 Jul 2016, 9:45 am



The selection of releases by British publishing house MACK is lovely. The recently published The Swamp, by Sofia Borges, The Complete Essays 1973-1991, by Luigi Ghirri, and The Narcissistic City, by Takashi Homma, are some of the highlights. Mapp Editions, their digital-focused section, is also breathtaking.

(Cristina, designer)



We are already warming up for SP-Arte/Foto/2016! One of the main Brazilian photographers of Architecture, Leonardo Finotti, has a new show of 80 black and white photographs of Rio de Janeiro called Rio Enquadrado, at Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paulo.

(Fernanda, director)



Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has died last monday (July 4th) from cancer, aged 76. I’m a huge fan of his movies Close-Up, Taste of Cherry and Certified Copy, that explore humanist questions and reflect about the cinematographic language all at once. Brazilian movie critic Inácio Araújo says at the introduction of this interview from 1994 with the author that “it is appropriate not to misuse the word ‘genius’. But when when it comes to Abbas Kiarostami, it is almost unavoidable”.

(Tringoni, web content and social media)

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