Newspapers and websites from Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia sent journalists to the Festival and reverberated the programming in their countries

21 May 2018, 11:02 am

Held April 11-15, the 14th edition of SP-Arte once again put São Paulo in the spotlight of the art world and attracted attention of the international press. Whether in traditional newspapers, but specialized websites or digital influencer profiles, never has the Fair been talked so much about. Brazil’s sociopolitical context inspired the analysis of some journalists, but it was the intense program and high level of artists and works among the 160+ exhibitors that drew most of their attention.

So far, the 2018 edition of SP-Arte has had 72 newspaper, magazine and website insertions in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong and Bahrain. Renowned newspapers like the Financial Times, Le Monde, Observer and The Art Newspaper, as well as websites like Artsy, Artnet and Frieze dedicated special attention to SP-Arte/2018.

“With each year, we strengthen our importance on the agenda of international galleries and collectors, who are already aware of the growth and renewal potential of public, as well as the plurality of what’s exhibited here. The press’ interest follows this same path. Every year we bring specialized journalists to São Paulo. They get to see the event and help divulge it in their countries. In the last edition, 18 journalists from the United States and Europe were invited,” says Fernanda Feitosa, founder and director of SP-Arte.

New features in the Design sector attracted attention of the press. Le Monde highlighted the creative mixture between architects and designers in Brazil. Additionally, newspaper mentioned the new designers exhibiting at the Fair. Independent designers also gain repercussion in Britain’s Dezeen, which specializes in the sector.

The Observer, of the United States, included  São Paulo among the five most vibrant cities in the world with up-and-coming art scenes alongside  Vienna, Nashville, Accra and Beijing. The article mentions SP-Arte as being responsible for the vigorous growth of the art market in the city. Artnet mentioned that despite a turbulent political moment, the art market was undergoing a positive sales moment during the Fair.

Besides journalists from renowned publications from the press in general or from the world of visual arts, digital influencer Jiajia Fei, an habitueé of the New York circuit was on the SP-Arte guest list. Jiajia, who works for the Jewish Museum and worked many years at the Guggenheim, provided complete coverage of the Festival on her Instagram profile. The different vehicles and platforms where SP-Arte was mentioned, reinforces the diverse and inclusive nature of the festival, which dialogues with the traditional and renews itself through new publics.

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