"Perseidas" (2020), Clarissa Schneider (Foto: Etel / Divulgação)
SP-Arte Viewing Room

Ten Design Galleries at SP-Arte Viewing Room

21 Aug 2020, 2:38 pm

As at the fair held in the Pavilhão da Bienal, the team of exhibitors at SP-Arte Viewing Room includes design offices and independent artists who have made a mark in the history of Brazilian design, creating unique objects and furniture pieces.

Find out more about some of the design exhibitors featuring on the Viewing Room platform from 24th – 30th August.

Above: "Perseidas" (2020), Clarissa Schneider (Photo: Etel / Publicity)

Peças da coleção ",Ovo Public" (2020), Luciana Martins e Gerson de Oliveira (Foto: Divulgação)

Pieces from the collection ",Ovo Public" (2020), Luciana Martins and Gerson de Oliveira (Photo: Publicity)


Luciana Martins and Gerson de Oliveira have been working at the limit between art and design for 27 years, creating works that offer more than their intended function, works that are also be looked at and collected. The ,Ovo highlight at SP-Arte Viewing Room is their new collection “,Ovo Public”, featuring furniture designed for public spaces, and which also incorporates “Linha 22”, by Paulo Mendes da Rocha and the architects Marta Moreira and Milton Braga, owners of the architecture office MMBB.

"Perseidas" (2020), Clarissa Schneider (Foto: Etel / Divulgação)

"Perseidas" (2020), Clarissa Schneider (Photo: Etel / Publicity)


Founded 35 years ago by designer Etel Carmona, the gallery started with a focus on reviving Brazilian design history through big name re-editions, and today represents a range of contemporary designers, as well as a new generation of talents. Their focus at Viewing Room is on female designers including Inês Schertel, Clarissa Schneider, Claudia Moreira Salles, Ana Berganton, Lia Siqueira, Lina Bo Bardi and, the gallery’s namesake, Etel Carmona.

"Canoa" (2020), Ana Neute (Foto: Leo de Brito / Divulgação)

"Canoa" (2020), Ana Neute (Photo: Leo de Brito / Publicity)

Ana Neute

Designer Ana Neute has been working with lighting for eight years and has been designing light pieces for Itens since 2016. At SP-Arte Viewing Room, she presents the works “Bioma”, a set of stamps made in partnership with designer Otávio Coelho and visual artist Thiago Fink, and “Canoa” (meaning canoe in English), a light piece inspired by the ancestral object used by many different peoples around the world, hand sculpted in solid wood from the Imbuia and Freijó trees.

"Mesa lateral Foz" (2017), Jacqueline Terpins (Foto: Andrés Otero / Divulgação)

"Mesa lateral Foz" (2017), Jacqueline Terpins (Photo: Andrés Otero / Publicity)

Jacqueline Terpins

Artist Jacqueline Terpins is known for her work in blown crystal and flat glass, opting for basic geometric forms to create minimalist objects and furniture pieces. Central to her exhibition at SP-Arte Viewing Room are her pieces produced at high temperature, which explore the strengths and limits of raw materials, including iconic pieces such as “Vaso Igarapé” and “Centro de mesa Volver”.

"Sofá Baixo" (2020), Guilherme Wentz (Foto: Divulgação)

"Sofá Baixo" (2020), Guilherme Wentz (Photo: Publicity)


The design brand of furniture, lighting and home accessories extols Brazilian nature and tropicality in simple and functional pieces. The featured piece at SP-Arte Viewing Room is “Sofá Baixo”. Launched by artist Guilherme Wentz, the piece is the fruit of extensive research into ergonomics and elasticity, seeking to create a calm and peaceful home setting – a true refuge.

"Luminária pendente Hidemi" (2018), Mel Kawahara (Foto: Nino Andres / Divulgação)

"Luminária pendente Hidemi" (2018), Mel Kawahara (Photo: Nino Andres / Publicity)

Mel Kawahara

Mel Kawahara’s light pieces are the result of the designer’s research into the intrinsic qualities of materials. Her trademark is using folded paper to create unique designs. The works she presents at Viewing Room range from pendant lights to table pieces, never straying from the designer’s signature style.

"Sofá Palhinha" (1958), Joaquim Tenreiro (Foto: Carol Quintanilha / Divulgação)

"Sofá Palhinha" (1958), Joaquim Tenreiro (Photo: Carol Quintanilha / Publicity)

Passado Composto Século XX

The brand was born from antique dealership Passado Composto, which was founded in 1988 by Cida Santana. Her daughter, Maria das Graças S. Bueno created the second address, naming it Passado Composto Século XX, a meeting of antiquities, art and independent design. The works are a mix of cultures and eras and, as a whole, comprise a tour around the world. At SP-Arte Viewing Room, this extensive collection is represented in a diverse range of works by renowned artists such as Roberto Burle Marx, Genaro de Carvalho, Sylvio Palma, Rubem Dario, and more – all showing rare tapestry pieces.

"Aparador Renascença" (2020), Pedro Franco (Foto: Marco Antônio / Divulgação)

"Aparador Renascença" (2020), Pedro Franco (Photo: Marco Antônio / Publicity)

Pedro Franco

Exponent of Brazilian design Pedro Franco is the founder and artistic director of A Lot of Brasil, a pioneer in the industrial production of pieces by big names in national and international design. For SP-Arte Viewing Room, he presents the collection “Renda”, which combines industrial and handmade pieces to produce unique works in iconic Brazilian lace patterns.


"Escultura Manaitê" (2017), Hugo França (Foto: André Godoy / Divulgação)

"Escultura Manaitê" (2017), Hugo França (Photo: André Godoy / Publicity)

Hugo França

Designer Hugo França transforms forest debris into furniture sculptures, trees being his greatest inspiration. In composing his pieces, França makes minimal interventions to the shapes and textures of the raw material, creating functional pieces through a sculptural process. The standout work at SP-Art Viewing Room is “Escultura Manaitê”, designed by Hugo França in 2017, and sculpted from Pequi wood.

Coleção "Bichos do Brasil" (2020), Noemi Saga (Foto: Divulgação)

Coleção "Bichos do Brasil" (2020), Noemi Saga (Photo: Publicity)

Noemi Saga

The Atelier creates pieces intended to foster an emotional connection between people and products, inspired by art, history, trends and cultural expressions. The standout amongst the works shown at SP-Arte Viewing Room is the collection “Bichos do Brasil”, a series that recreates animals from the Brazilian fauna in decorative wooden pieces, each with a hand painted graphic element.

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