Talks/2018 offered a variety of themes that included the participation of foreign collectors

13 Apr 2018, 5:30 pm

A traditional part of the SP-Arte programming, the Talks saw to that the 14th edition of the São Paulo International Art Festival was once again a place to discuss and deep dive into the latest and most relevant themes in the universe of arts. The five panels this year took place on Thursday and Friday and led to a fruitful dialogue between the public and artists, collectors and specialists. One of the new features of Talks/2018 was the live transmission of lectures on Facebook, which expanded the content of debates to beyond the Bienal Lounge. Journalist and host of TV Cultura’s Metrópolis program, Adriana Couto, mediated the talks.

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Art and gender diversity

The Talks opening brought together young and talented artists with very different multimedia works, but with one very important thing in common: the fight to insert transgender and transvestites. Ariel Nobre and Rosa Luz showed their work and were accompanied by journalist Paula Alzugaray, editor of Select magazine, which dedicated its entire last edition to gender diversity.

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More than a presentation where the body is the instrument for creating an artist’s work, performance is also a manifestation tuned into the social movements and trends in which it’s inserted and that precisely surfaces as a platform where artists break barriers imposed by any other type of system. Performativity and its fight against social or gender exclusion, was the main theme in the talk with Paula Garcia, Maurício Ianês and Bruno Mendonça.

São Paulo skyline

Journalist Raul Juste Lores published the book “São Paulo nas alturas” in which he revisits the real architecture miracle that the city underwent in the 1950s and 1960s. The theme generated a course promoted by Ovo gallery and was included in the Talks programming.

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The digital universe and its influence on the arts

Introduced last year, the work “Odiolândia”, by visual artist, curator and professor at the University of São Paulo’s College of Architecture and Urbanism, exposes in a resounding manner the intolerance exhibited through messages in social networks. During the Talks, the video was exhibited in its entirety and Giselle commented on its creation. Then, Luli Radfahrer, from the PhD in Digital Communication at USP, provided an overview on the history of social networks and a projection about their future.

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Collectors in new times

Divided into two tables, the panel brought heavyweight names to the stage. In the first round, director of Galeria Vermelho, Akio Aoki, mediated a talk between Aaron Cezar, from Delfina Foundation, and collector Pedro Barbosa. Next up, Betty Duker, of the United States, revisited the history of her collection, the largest of Latin American art in California, and her affective relationship with South and Central American countries. Pulane Kingston, of South Africa, shed light on the power of works created by black African artists and their bond with the continent’s dramatic history.

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