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28 Oct 2016, 10:05 am

male gaze


Female artists have put into question the way women are viewed and portrayed, especially in the art world. An attempt to overcome the so-called male gaze, which objectifies women and treats them as “the bearer of meaning and not the maker of meaning” – as defined by the cultural critic Laura Mulvey. It’s about the art itself subverting social norms and pointing questions about the place of women in society. In this context, the artists Leah Schrager, Marianna Rothen Mayan Toledano, Mira Dancy, Petra Cortright and Zoe Buckman made art works that criticize, deride and overlaps the male gaze. Learn more about it at Man Repeller.

(Bruna, content and edition)

moon moon moon


An artistic moon-shaped wall! The idea is none other than the Chinese Ai Weiwei and the Danish Olafur Eliasson. Two important artists of the contemporary scene come together to develop a playful collaborative experience on the Internet. When visiting the Moon website, you can draw, enjoy drawings made by others, see the moon turn around. Worth every minute!

(Chodin, design)

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS - Official Trailer

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS - Official Trailer [HD] - In Select Theaters November 18



The 40th edition of the São Paulo International Film Festival is in its second and final week. The program mixes retrospectives of great masters and some of the hottest new features from around the world. I’m still in shock after watching one of them, Nocturnal Animals, by Tom Ford (A Single Man, 2009), a thriller starred by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. A must-watch!

(Tringoni, content and social media)

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