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16 Sep 2016, 10:25 am



This story from the archives of the mexican architect Luis Barragán involves love, diamonds, hidden treasures and a weeding ring. In 1995, the head of furniture company Vitra bought Barragán’s professional archives, including the rights on his name and work, and offered it as a gift to his fiancée. Twenty years later, attracted by the architect’s legacy, american artist Jill Magid unveiled the multimedia project The Barragán Archives, which deals with themes such as author’s rights. As a part of that work, Magid presents a wedding ring (The Proposal, 2016), with a diamond created with the exhumed ashes of Luis Barrragán. Check out the full story at The New Yorker magazine!

(Natacha, international relations)



Collages and moving drawings! Artist Nancy Liang’s work with gifs is fabulous. Sometimes poetic, sometimes cheerful, it is a magnet to the eyes.

(Bruna, content production and edition)

Hopper's Nighthawks: Look Through The Window - Nerdwriter1

Hopper's Nighthawks: Look Through The Window



This video by Evan Puschak (from the channel The Nerdwriter) explores some of the most important aspects of Edward Hopper’s work. The painter is acclaimed for his oil paintings portraying modern life in the United States, such as Nighthawks, his most famous work.

(Tringoni, content production and social media)

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