SP-Arte of each one of us

9 Apr 2018, 12:27 pm

What sensations can a work of art cause? Passion, identification, repulse, reflection, distraction, curiosity… This list, which could be endless, cannot comprehend the particulars of feelings generated by art in spectators.

Multiply this possibility by the thousands of visitors in a place that invites you to immerse yourself, where the works of some of the most important artists of today and renowned galleries from all around the world share the same space. Welcome to SP-Arte/2018!

We believe each work of art is a mirror reflecting the feelings of those who create it and affects viewers differently. Our role is to allow these different perceptions to meet through art. Between April 11 and 15, we are committed to ensuring that the Biennial Pavilion is the space where visitors, artists, curators, collectors, admirers or interested parties can live their own individual experiences.

In these times of mind-massification waves and attempts to censor artistic production and public access to works and exhibitions, we are proud to offer once again a diverse and democratic environment, without imposing what is right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. This is because we understand that each person feels, express themselves and is touched by art in their own unique way.

We hope that the free artistic expression, the reunion of different styles and origins, and the respect for artists’ and visitors’ creations and experiences in the five-day Festival are the first step for a free path for art in the other 360 days of the year.


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