SP-Arte and galleries from São Paulo kick off the Festival week with Gallery Night

9 Mar 2017, 10:20 am

Formidable museums and galleries make São Paulo a must route for art appreciators. On April 03 and 04 (Monday and Tuesday), to kick off SP-Arte week, a selection of top places in the city of São Paulo host the second edition of Gallery Night.

Galleries in the Vila Madalena, Pinheiros, Jardins and Itaim neighborhoods open their doors for extended hours and receive exhibitions, guided visits, performances and get-togethers. The events go from 5 PM to 10 PM on both days, with programs divided according to neighborhoods. Check it out!

vila madalena and pinheiros

Aura Arte: Guided visit with curator Mario Gioia

Luis Maluf Art Lab: Guided visit with artists Isabelle Ribot

Choque Cultural: Collective exhibition De Dentro Para Fora

Central Galeria: Opening cocktail of Rrrrrrrrrr, solo exhibition of Gabriela Mureb

Galeria Mezanino: Performances by artists Felipe Cidade, Alexandre de Angeli, Luanna Jimenes, Shambuyi Wety

Blau Projects: Book launching and special visit with artists Renata Cruz

Galeria Raquel Arnaud: Collective exhibition opening of A Matéria da Cor and guided visit with Frank Marlot

Galeria Eduardo Fernandes: Solo exhibition of Daisy Xavier

Galeria Millan: Guided visit with Rafael Vogt Maia Rosa, curator of collective exhibit Retratos

Anexo MillanAGUATÁ – …… C …..A …O …. S, by Artur Barrio and Cristina Motta

Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel: Solo exhibition opening of Efrain Almeida

Galeria Estação: Exhibition of Neves Torres and Manuel Graciano

Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre: Visitation of Fabio Zimbres’ solo Fantasmas

SAO_espaço de arte: Visit to the art studios of Deolinda Aguiar, Ivan Padovani, Mano Penalva, Mari Nagem, Rosilene Fontes, Susy Miranda Aziz and Walter Costa

Ebac: Mangue Ary Perez collection

Instituto Tomie Ohtake: Conversation with artists from the exhibition É como dançar sobre a Arquitetura, João Castilho, Jorge Soledar and Lia Chaia; conversation with foreign artists of works presented at SP-Arte/2017; and launching of the exhibition catalogue Os Muitos e o um: Arte Contemporânea Brasileira

Prototyp&: Launching of Prototyp& Soundsystem

jardins and itaim

Apartamento 61: Cocktails in the showroom, exhibiting furniture to be shown at the Festival

Andrea Rehder Arte Contemporânea: Opening of Francisco Klinger’s solo Metáfora de uma Terra Perdida

Galeria Superfície: Guga Szabon’s solo exhibition Como é que eu sabia

Galeria Lume: Guided visit with artist and curator Paulo Kassab Jr. of Nazareno’s exhibition A experiência geográfica

Casa Nova Arte e Cultura Contemporânea: Guilherme Callegari exhibition NAOSIMBOLO, and Horror Vacui exhibition of Claudia Jaguaribe

Almeida e Dale Galeria de Arte: José Antonio da Silva solo exhibition A vida não basta

Dan Galeria: Visitation of the exhibition collection

Galeria Berenice Arvani: Visitation of the solo Rubem Ludolf e os planos da cor

Epicentro + Emma Thomas: opening of Precisamente Impreciso, solo show by Erika Malzoni; Das Palavras Mal Faladas, solo show by Lucas Bambozzi; and RE-LOCATION, ART&COM, work by Thiago Szmrecsányi and Natalia de Campos

Galeria Frente: Visitation of the exhibition collection

Baró Galeria: Opening of Almandrade’s solo exhibition O conceito entre o verbo e a visualidade

Anexo Baró: Opening of Paulo Nenflidio’s solo exhibition 4,33 metros

Galeria Nara Roesler: Opening of the Daniel Buren and Daniel Senise solo exhibitions, and a conversation with the artists and curator Brett Littman

Galeria Luisa Strina: Visitation of Alfredo Jaar’s The Politics of Images, and Thiago Honório’s Solo

Luciana Brito Galeria: Visitation of Mexican artist Bosco Sodi’s first solo in Brazil

Casa Triângulo: Opening of Nino Cais’ solo exhibition

Mendes Wood DM: Visitation of the solo exhibitions of Paulo Nazareth, Lotus Lobo and Dadamaino

Zipper Galeria: Guided visit and cocktails with artist Camila Soato with her solo exhibition Caviar é uma ova!

Galeria Marília Razuk: Solo exhibitions of Johanna Calle and Gustavo Rezende

Galeria Rabieh: Gastro performance Ópera dos Porcos, by Simone Mattar

Bergamin & Gomide: Visitation of Fabio Mauri’s solo exhibition Senza Arte

Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri: Sonia Andrade solo opening

Galeria Mario Cohen: Visitation of the exhibition Mais estilo que dinheiro, with works by Man Ray, Otto Stupakoff and others

Luis Maluf Art Gallery: Apolo Torres solo opening

Choque Cultural: Recent productions by Daniel Melim, Jaca, Tec, Mariana Pabst Martins, Rafael Silveira, Narcélio Grud and Alê Jordão

KOW: Cocktails and visitation of Michael E. Smith’s solo exhibition with video installations

Vermelho: Visitation of Dora Longo Bahia’s exhibition; exhibiting of the movie Psicose, by Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima; and presentation of band Cão

Paulo Kuczynski Escritório de Arte: Visitation of the exhibition collection

Carbono Galeria: Visitation of Paulo Pasta’s solo exhibition Seis variações

Galeria Oscar Cruz: Visitation of the exhibition collection

Firma Casa: Presentation of new designs

Galeria Nicoli: Cocktails and visitation of Sandro Akel’s exhibition Telha e Tijolo sobre Carne e Cimento, with participation of the artist and curator Giovanni Pirelli

Legado Arte: Visitation of the gallery’s collection

Ovo: Launching of the table Plano, of designers Luciana Martins and Gerson de Oliveira

By Kamy: conversation with Tarsila do Amaral about works produced for SP-Arte/2017

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