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Curator and art critic Tiago Mesquita shares his selection of favorite works from SP-Arte 365 platform – take a look!

12 Jul 2019, 10:31 am

SP-Arte 365 is a platform that connects galleries with art and design lovers. Much as a digital showroom, the user can browse through artists and favorite artworks pages and start a chat with the gallery in order to request more information.

Tiago Mesquita, art critic and curator in charge of the Masters Sector of SP-Arte, was invited to participate in Picks 365 and comment on his favorite works available on our website.

Despite being made before the Neo Concrete manifest was published, it earned the name of Neo Concrete Column. The artist articulates modules made of rectangular iron plates, with circular cuts in one of the sides. Laid over one another, they build a vertical and hollow volume.

Anna Bella Geiger starts from a postcard collection called Brasil Nativo, with scenes from Amerindian peoples, sold in Rio de Janeiro. She shows the group next to photographs of staged scenes she created reenacting the poses of the original images. The staging is crass and strengthens – in the perspective of visual conventions – the ideological character of the images.

Gustavo Genta
“Nest”, 2019

Alpaca wire weave, small double mirrors.
Sculpture: 55.12 x 17.72 x 17.72 inches: 140 x 45 x 45 cm

© Gustavo Genta

In a 1955 lithography, the artist places two slim and eroded figures in a garden. The  characters draw close to each other, but they do not see or touch each other. The image is the encounter of two of his  solitary and introspective sculptures.

The beautiful book by Alfredo Jaar was originally launched in 2012, in celebration of John Cage’s centennial. In it Jarr reproduces an extended writing produced by the composer when he was a teenager, for an oratory competition. As it is usual in the artist’s work, the book deals with the tensions caused by the US hegemony in the American continent.

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