Picks 365

The collector and founder of Viva Projects Camilla Barella shares her selection of favorite works on SP-Arte - take a look!

31 May 2019, 4:09 pm

SP-Arte website now has a biweekly column dedicated to SP-Arte 365, digital platform bringing the art public and galleries together. In Picks 365, collectors, art advisors and influencers select and comment on works registered on our website.

Camilla Barella, art collector and founder of Viva Projects, was in charge of the debut.

Take a look!

This woodcut engraving was made starting from Maiolino’s iconic 1966 painting, “Glu Glu Glu…”. The different layers of interpretation that the work enables are what attracts me the most. It is as much essentialist as it is political; it brings the visceral to the surface and also translates a political instability of an epoch; the situation of an immigrant mother who felt silenced by dictatorship, having to digest her own thoughts and feelings which could not be exposed. And 52 years later the works could not be more current and blunt.

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