Sem título (1975), Joan Jonas executando a performance "Twilight" (Foto: Arte que Acontece / Divulgação)

Online cultural programming

Barbara Mastrobuono / Giovana Christ
20 Mar 2020, 4:33 pm

At this unprecedented moment in human history, we are witnessing a mass closure of cultural institutions and galleries in an attempt to stop the advance of COVID-19. In parallel, efforts are being made to fill the void created by these closed doors, with virtual programs designed for quarantine. In order to help you better navigate through these programs, we have gathered some of them here, in the hope that they will help keep the culture a little closer to us in this moment of social isolation. This article will be updated as more schedules are made public.

Above: Untitled (1975), Joan Jonas listening to the performance "Twilight" (Photo: Arte que Acontece / Publicity)

de São Paulo


Every morning the Pinacoteca de São Paulo puts on his Instagram account a work from its collection, accompanied by information and facts explained by the museum’s curators. In the Stories, they also revisit exhibitions and share personal accounts from visitors.


The São Paulo Museum of Art Assis Chateaubriand, in addition to updating its social media such as Facebook and Instagram, offers two great learning platforms: through the museum’s YouTube channel, you can watch seminars and classes held in the auditorium; and, through the Masp Áudios app, you have access to comments on 170 works from the collection. The audios are narrated by curators and special guests.

In addition, the Museum will host a live on its Instagram account with Adriano Pedrosa and Lilia Schwarcz on Monday, April 13th, at 6 pm. The conversation between the artistic director and the museum’s adjunct curator of histories will revolve around the histories at Masp, a plural and polyphonic notion that guides the museum’s programming annually since 2016.

Tomie Ohtake

In its stories, the institution is opening access to the digital archives of the educational publication of the exhibition “Murakami by Murakami”, made by the Center for Culture and Participation and which closed on March 22nd. You will also have access to audio guides on selected works from the exhibition, and videos in sign language. Don’t forget to check out Amplitudes, a free podcast from the Tomie Ohtake Institute on culture, education and national arts. The podcast is available on the website.

Moreira Salles

On top of a prolific production on its institutional website regarding collections and programming, IMS also includes Mais IMS, a directory of websites and blogs made by IMS departments and partners. It features websites like Discografia Brasileira, where you can find playlists with Brazilian jewels only (such as “Sambas na quarantena” [Samba during quarentine], which brings together Ary Barroso’s top ten); Radio Batuta, which features from playlists and interviews to documentaries – like the documentary about Stephen Sondheim, a Broadway composer; and blogs affiliated with ZUM and Serrote publications, with critical texts that unfold the issues of the magazines.

Casa das Rosas


Starting on March 19th, Casa das Rosas is presenting an exclusively virtual program, with reading recommendations, movie suggestions and tips for writers, among other contents. The virtual programming is available on its social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel

The gallery is posting, on its Instagram account, book recommendations by the artists that are part of its collection. It is possible to find suggestions by names such as Leda Catunda and Luiz Zerbini to know what to read at this time of isolation.

Zipper Galeria

The solo exhibitions Museu de novidades” [Museum of novelties], by Marcelo Tinoco, and Na raiz / caminho / pelos laços / passarinho” [On the Root / Path / Through the Bonds / Little Bird], by Vitor Mizael, are open for online visitation. There are several viewing options, including wall to wall, or a 3D video that takes you through the different floors of the gallery.

Jaqueline Martins

The gallery is making available on its website and on its social platforms, such as Instagram, works of video art by its artists for public viewing. On Instagram, the videos are accompanied by short texts that explain the importance of the work and the artist.

Kogan Amaro

The artists represented by the gallery are taking over from Instagram, each sharing special content.

SIM Galeria

In partnership with Simões de Assis Galeria de Arte, SIM Galeria publishes on its Instagram the series “Paths of art: from modern to contemporary”. In it, the paths of artists from the gallery will be traced, contextualizing their works in the history of Brazilian art. The content will be updated daily.

Galeria Athena


As a way to bring the audience closer to its production, Galeria Athena uses its stories and Instagram feed to virtually revisit exhibitions that were hosted in its space, in addition to promoting the #MeetAthenaArtists series, in which they present in greater detail artists and their productions.

Mendes Wood DM

By subscribing to the gallery’s newsletter, you receive weekly information about the video art works in the collection, in addition to having the opportunity to watch the material. A new piece will be made available each week, from Saturday morning to Sunday night. Subscribe to the newsletter on the gallery’s website.

Galeria Superfície

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Galeria Superfície promotes “Ao vivo com” [Live with], a conversation between two guests from the art world to talk about artistic processes, independent spaces and other diverse subjects. Conversations last for 30 min, and take place on lives on the gallery’s Instagram profile.

Fábrica de Arte
Marcos Amaro

The institution located in Itu, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, where a textile industry operated for many years, houses the collection of the artist Marcos Amaro and promotes various cultural events. During recommendations of social isolation, Fábrica de Arte has created special content about its own collection and exhibitions on social networks. Access the YouTube channel to check out materials about the exhibition by the artist Bispo do Rosário, by Louise Bourgeois and have access to part of the institute’s collection.



While the space remains closed, the film “Zero” will be shown in the building’s window from 2 pm to 4 am, every day. The work is part of the exhibition “República”, which showcases a selection of the artist Luiz Roque’s production made over the last ten years. In addition, the first cycle of residences at Pivô will continue to happen remotely and will have some activities open to the public, which will be announced shortly. Also, on April 2 the lecture “The conditions of production of the artist” will be held, with the artist and researcher Flora Leite through the Zoom platform. Activity registrations are made here.

Jaqueline Martins

The first edition of the Video Program was launched, a project conceived in partnership between the curator Mirtes Marins de Oliveira and the Gallery team, with the aim of providing new layers of reading and interpretation to selected works from the collection. In the first edition, the artist Letícia Parente is presented with the work “In” (1975) articulated to excerpts from “A Paixão Segundo G. H.” (1964), by Clarice Lispector. The intersection of the works is given in a scenario that focuses on the wardrobe, metaphorically incorporated by the two artists as a space of restriction and also of loss of individuality. The complete material can be accessed here.

Galeria Leme

Through lives on Instagram, artists are presenting the production of their works directly from their studios. The project started with the participation of artists Nadia Taquary and Vivian Caccuri, both represented by the gallery. Keep an eye on Galeria Leme’s account.

Itaú Cultural

The exhibition “Sandra Cinto: das ideias na cabeça aos olhos no céu” [From Ideas in Your Head to Your Eyes in the Sky], closed during the period of social isolation, can be visited from April 6 on the website. Curated by Paulo Herkenhoff and spanning the three floors of the institution, the exhibition has been transposed to a digital environment by means of a 360-degree camera, which gives the visitor freedom to move freely through spaces, enjoying a complete view of the exhibition.

Bianca Boeckel Galeria

In their Instagram account, Bianca Boeckel Galeria’s team is promoting the project “Artista fala de artista” [Artist talks about artist], composed of videos of artists explaining concepts of the visual arts and commenting on the works of another professional. The participants will be: Alice Gelli, Bruno Passos, Camila Alvite, Carol Nogueira, Eva Soban, Gabi Gelli, Giovanna Nucci, Katia Wille, Marcelo Greco, Nelson Porto, Paula Klien, Pico Garcez, Ricardo Becker, Solferini, Thomas Baccaro, Virgilio Neves and Will Sammpaio, who will take turns between analyzing and being analyzed by fellow professionals. The videos will be available on the gallery’s profile.


#MAMonline brings together artistic, cultural and educational initiatives that invite us to reflect during this moment of social isolation. On the Museum’s website, it is possible to visit exhibits shown in recent years at the institution through virtual tours, as well as access the narratives of Google Arts & Culture. On social networks, MAM is dedicated to projects sharing the history of the Museum, promoting artists, interacting with the public through quizzes, storytelling and games for children, reading tips and weekly online cultural programming.

Galeria Lume

To encourage artistic production and stimulate creativity, the Gallery promotes an unprecedented action on its social media. Until May 2nd, people are invited to produce photos and videos for the contest “Quarentena com Lume” [Quarantine with Lume]. To participate, just post on the Instagram feed a photo or video made with a cell phone, tag Lume’s profile and the hashtag #isoladosmasnuncasozinhos. The productions will be evaluated by the Gallery team and by invited judges and the winners will receive works by artists represented by the Gallery and will see their creations exhibited in a group show at the Annex Lume. Participate!

Dan Galeria

The gallery’s online exhibition, “Mulheres à frente”, brings together names such as Anita Malfatti, Beatriz Milhazes, Denise Milan, Lygia Clark, Raquel Kogan, Tarsila do Amaral and Tomie Ohtake. You can see the selection curated by Paula Braga in the exhibition’s video and in the catalog made available by the gallery.


The platform has been dedicated to several online activities during the isolation period. Every Thursday, AQA produces discussion rooms on Zoom platform with special guests, addressing topics such as the art market, fashion, art institutions in Brazil and art in times of crisis. In addition, throughout the week it also promotes book recommendations on the website, artists’s playlists and lives on Instagram with interviews involving gallerists and players from the art world.

Galeria Luisa Strina

As part of the celebrations of 45 years, the Gallery is making available, on its Youtube channel, the full interviews with artists, curators, journalists, collectors, gallery owners and art consultants held during Art Weekend 2019. Among them, Anna Maria Maiolino discusses the primordial and archetypal images of his work; Jac Leirner comments on the international projection of her work; Camila Yunes Guarita shares her experiences as an art advisor; Laura Lima reveals an epiphanic moment of when and where she formalized the idea of her “ornamental philosophy”; and several other good stories.

Na série de vídeos “Bastidores”, Inhotim apresenta processos que se dão por trás das coxias de uma instituição museológica envolvendo processos artísticos, de montagem e de restauro de obras de arte. Na série está prevista a veiculação de quatro vídeos: conversa em ateliê sobre processo criativo da artista Laura Vinci; o restauro da obra “As belas relações II”, de Sandra Cinto; conversa em ateliê sobre processo criativo do artista Marcius Galan; e construção da obra mais recente do Inhotim, inaugurada em 2019, Sem título (2019), de Robert Irwin. A partir de 10 de abril, os vídeos serão divulgados no IGTV, Youtube e no Facebook de Inhotim.


Barbara Mastrobuono is an editor, translator and researcher. She has worked in publishing houses such as Editora 34 and Cosac Naify, and served as the editorial coordinator of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo. Among the titles she translated are “Tunga”, with text by Catherine Lampert; “Poesia Viva”, by Paulo Bruscky, with text by Antonio Sergio Bessa; and “Jogos para atores e não autores”, by Augusto Boal. She defended her master’s dissertation at the Department of Literary Theory at the University of São Paulo.

Giovana Christ is a journalism student at ECA – USP, a Brazilian carnival enthusiast and passionate about all types of cultural events. She is part of the editorial team at SP-Arte.

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