New SP-Arte webseries discusses changes in the art world

23 Jan 2020, 5:45 pm

Curators Margot Norton (New Museum), Barbara Tannenbaum (Cleveland Museum) and Sophie Hackett (Art Gallery of Ontario) sit down with us to share their views on the art world.

Separated into three episodes, the Mudar [Change] series discusses the presence of women in institutions, the different dynamics of representation and what alternatives artists can follow in a circuit that increasingly lacks infrastructure.

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Ep. 1

Mudar: Instituições - SP-Arte

Série Mudar: Instituições

“A museum is a safe place to discuss dangerous issues” – this is how curator Barbara Tannenbaum, of the Cleveland Museum, opens the discussion about the female presence in art institutions.

The three curators discuss their experiences curating historical exhibitions such as “A History of Women Photographers” (Akron Art Museum), acquiring collections and researching new artists, taking into account how the institutional landscape has changed in recent years.

Ep. 2

Mudar: Representações - SP-Arte

Mudar: Representações

How do the dynamics of representation take place, when it is done by a third party? And how does this play a role in the different ways of portraying the female body and the power involved in this act?

Barbara, Margot and Sophie talk about the inclusion of the one being represented within the construction of an image, and the portrait as a way of sedimenting visibility.

Ep. 3

Mudar: Alternativas - SP-Arte

Mudar: Alternativas

With a cultural circuit that has features an increasingly less official structure, artists have to find their own ways to create and distribute art.

In the last episode of the Mudar [Change] series, the curators reflect on this new moment in contemporary art in the face of an unofficial artistic circuit, the internet and digital art as a new way of survival and the challenges faced by independent institutions.

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