Chilean curator, Alexia Tala, will be responsible for the Solo sector at SP-Arte/2019, which takes place from April 3rd to 7th, at São Paulo's Bienal Pavilion

4 Sep 2018, 2:33 pm

Reflecting upon Latin America’s multiple identities and connecting narratives that seem dissociated will be Chilean curator’s, Alexia Tala, main mission at SP-Arte/2019. Responsible for the Solo sector, she will present single artists projects at São Paulo’s Bienal Pavilion from April 3rd to 7th, 2019.

“Post-colonial studies demonstrate that Latin Americans still carry the weight of the foreigner vision – especially European-orientated – in the construction of their history. No other place has significantly motivated European fantasies as America, supposedly ‘discovered’ and ‘created’, as per analyzed by Mexican historian, Edmundo O’Gorman”, Alexia reflects.

On SP-Arte’s 15th anniversary, the curator will deconstruct the foreigner’s vision Latin Americans have of themselves and raise relevant questions. “Solo’s projects selection is centered on questions including ‘who are we? ’and ‘how do we see ourselves?’. My idea is to invert perceptions by proposing new concepts and critical thinking through history, anthropology, ethnography, architecture and culture”, Alexia concludes.

SP-Arte/2019 Solo sectors’ project will be guided by: (1) America, the land of opportunities, of which objective is to present artists focused on discussing the consequences of the diverse forms of migration throughout the region; (2) Imaginary expeditions, with artworks which present space abstractions and multiple territory illustrations, both real and imaginary; (3) Men from heaven and hell, with works with an anthropological emphasis proposing representations of Latin America’s ancestralism and (4) Contemporary Chroniclers exhibiting projects developed from the merge of documental strategies and poetical narratives.

Alexia Tala 

Independent curator and artistic director of Plataforma Atacama, Alexia Tala is specialized in Latin American arts research. She is now working on Arte Paiz Biennial 2020 (Guatemala) curatorial project and on the publication of Lotty Rosenfeld’s essay. Alexia was co-curator of Mercosur’s 8th Biennial and San Juan de Puerto’s Poligraphic Triennial in Puerto Rico at the 20th Arte Paiz Biennial, Guatemala. She also writes for a number of arts publications both in Latin America and United Kingdom and is the author of “Installations and Experimental Printmaking” (UK, 2009).

Solo Sector

Solo is dedicated to the exhibition of projects focused on a single artist. More than 50 Brazilian and international galleries were part of it including Blank (South Africa), Casas Riegner (Colombia), Elba Benitez (Spain), Fragment (Russia), Nara Roesler (Brazil), Richard Saltoun (UK) and Ruth Beznacar (Argentina).



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