"Eu e você" (2019), Mitsy Queiroz (Foto: Divulgacão / Nacional Trovoa)

Discover galleries and artistic projects that make their debut in the SP-Arte universe

13 Aug 2020, 10:45 am

Participations of new exhibitors renew SP-Arte every year, and the first edition of the SP-Arte Viewing Room will be no different. The digital version of the most important art fair in Latin America will bring together over 130 national and international art and design galleries, from August 24 to 30, here on the SP-Arte website.

Check out the list of art exhibitors that take part in the Fair’s universe for the first time, and what they are bringing to their virtual booths!

Above: "Eu e você" [Me and you] (2019), Mitsy Queiroz (Photo: Publicity / Nacional Trovoa)

"Stairs #01" (2012) e "Stairs #02" (2017), Leonardo Finotti (Foto: Divulgação / Galeria Artespacio)

"Stairs #01" (2012) and "Stairs #02" (2017), Leonardo Finotti (Photo: Publicity / Artespacio)

Artespacio (Chile)

Founded in 1995 by María Elena Comandari and Rosita Lira, Artespacio is dedicated to promoting trends of Chilean art in the 21st century, as well as rescuing the work of traditional names in the country. Its annual program includes individual and collective exhibitions, itinerant exhibitions, prizes, in addition to conversations with artists and curators. In the SP-Arte Viewing Room the gallery will present artworks by Benjamin Ossa, Francisca Benedetti and Francisca Garriga, Chilean artists who experiment with colors in different materials; and also pieces by Máximo Corvalan-Pincheira, Leonardo Finotti and Glenda León, who dialogue with different media.

"Flylight (Miami)" (2017), Drift (Foto: Divulgação / Carpenters Workshop Gallery)

"Flylight (Miami)" (2017), Drift (Photo: Publicity / Carpenters Workshop Gallery)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery (United Kingdom)

One of the precursors of functional art, Carpenters is known for developing, in partnership with rising and established professionals, designs that go beyond the traditional format and prioritize the originality of each piece individually. Founded in 2006, after the friendship of Julien Lombrail and Loic Le Gaillard, the gallery carried out projects in institutional spaces, such as the installation “Dysfunctional”, exhibited at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti, in Venice, during the 58th Art Biennial. The highlight of the SP-Arte Viewing Room goes to Drift, the duo of Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nautuma, who articulate a multidisciplinary team of 64 professionals in order to create experiential sculptures, installations and performances.


"Visões do Pantanal", João Farkas (Foto: Divulgação / Documenta Pantanal)

"Visões do Pantanal", João Farkas (Photo: Publicity / Documenta Pantanal)

Documenta Pantanal (Brazil)

Through projects developed in different media – such as exhibitions, books and videos – Documenta Pantanal aims to document, make known and value the natural beauty of the Brazilian Pantanal, bringing together different agents that can promote actions across the region. For the SP-Arte Viewing Room, the project features three renowned Brazilian photographers: Araquém Alcântara, João Farkas and Luciano Candisani. According to producer Mônica Guimarães, Documenta organizer, the participation of these three professionals helps to illustrate and exemplify how photography is important in creating a thought that encourages preservation, even more so in a delicate period for the region, which suffers from the biggest fire of the last few decades.

"Um instante antes 1" (2020), Pablo Ravina (Foto: Divulgação / Galeria Ginsberg)

"Um instante antes 1" (2020), Pablo Ravina (Photo: Publicity / Ginsberg)

Ginsberg (Peru)

Founded in 2014 by Claudia Pareja, Ginsberg is a Peruvian gallery focused on contemporary art from Latin America, with a special interest in preserving and understanding the different artistic aspects existing in the region. In 2018, the gallery announced the creation of an editorial branch, in which it publishes catalogs and artists books. For the virtual edition of SP-Arte, the gallery presents a selection of artists who challenge certain paradigms of the society we live in, such as Wynnie Mynerva, who discusses queer aesthetic policies and other gender issues through paintings, and by Pablo Ravina, with works that question how movements like Black Lives Matters and Me Too are being affected by digital platforms.

"Estrutura para campos densos" (2020), Iagor Peres (Foto: Divulgação / Galeria Hoa)

"Estrutura para campos densos" (2020), Iagor Peres (Photo: Publicity / Hoa Gallery)

HOA (Brazil)

HOA is an art gallery that is part of HOA Tour, an artistic organization based in São Paulo, founded in 2020 by artist Igi Lola Ayedun. Dedicated to contemporary Latin American art, the gallery has the internet as its focal point, highlighting the idea of being “hosted everywhere”. HOA’s main activities are exhibitions, actions focused on art education, debates, studio residences and sales. Curated by Felipa Damasco, Lucas Andrade, Luiz Felipe Lucas and Lucas Fernandes, the gallery brings to the SP-Arte Viewing Room artists such as Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Jota Mombaça, Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi, Lídia Lisboa and Davi Jesus do Nascimento.

Série "Origem", Irene Guerriero (Foto: Divulgação / Galeria Lona)

Series "Origem" [Origin], Irene Guerriero (Photo: Publicity / Lona Gallery)

Lona Galeria (Brazil)

The gallery, which opened its doors in São Paulo in March 2019, was born from a partnership between curator Duílio Ferronato and artist Higo Joseph. Its work is focused on artists who are at the beginning of their careers or on the rise, with artistic and market potential, providing them with a first contact with the art circuit, as well as fostering a new way of collecting. The gallery project for the SP-Arte Viewing Room features artists Gabriel Pessoto, Gabriel Torggler, Higo Joseph and Irene Guerriero, who transform games, TV shows, landscapes, crafts, hobbies and erotic programs into drawings, collages, paintings and sculptures.

"Inside B" (2020), Suzana Queiroga (Foto: Divulgação / Galeria Matias Brotas Arte Contemporânea)

"Inside B" (2020), Suzana Queiroga (Photo: Publicity / Matias Brotas Arte Contemporânea Gallery)

Matias Brotas Arte Contemporânea (Brazil)

Matias Brotas, by Sandra Matias and Lara Brotas, aims to serve visual arts lovers in Vitória (Espirito Santo, Brazil). Among other objectives, the gallery plans to create connections between the already established artistic system and new buyers, based on initiatives such as the Collectors’ Club. Acting for thirteen years in the Brazilian market, its collection consists of renowned artists from the arts scene, such as Manfredo de Souzanetto and José Bechara, as well as young talents such as Lara Felipe, Miro Soares, Raphael Bianco, Renata Egreja and Antonio Bokel. The highlight of the gallery at the SP-Arte Viewing Room goes to the artist Suzana Queiroga and her reflections on the infinite, its unfolding and possibilities. The works that will be presented are part of the series “O mundo segue indiferente a nós” [The world remains indifferent to us], in which textures of different scales and nature and incisions on paper create strong colors that instigate the viewer’s gaze.

"Raiz e patchuli" (2020), Keila Serruya Sankofa (Foto: Divulgação / Nacional Trovoa)

"Raiz e patchuli" [Root and patchouli] (2020), Keila Serruya Sankofa (Photo: Publicity / Nacional Trovoa)

Nacional Trovoa (Brazil)

Levante Nacional Trovoa is a collective of visual artists and curators of colour from the five Brazilian regions. Founded in 2017 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the collective was born from the initial concerns of four young women, who demand urgency in the discussion about the art system in Brazil, with special attention to the visibility and insertion of cis and trans women artists of colour in this circuit. At the SP-Arte Viewing Room, Trovoa presents works by Aline Besouro, Bárbara Milano, Bianca Leite, Carla Santana, Cyshimi, Gabriela Monteiro, Hariel Revignet, Julliana Araújo, Keila Serruya Sankofa, Mitsy Queiroz, Mônica Ventura, Raylander Mártis dos Anjos and Sheyla Ayo.

"Aceita?" (2020), Moisés Patrício (Foto: Divulgação / 01.01 Art Platform)

"Aceita?" (2020), Moisés Patrício (Photo: Publicity / 01.01 Art Platform)

01.01 Art Platform (Brazil)

Created by African and Brazilian artists and curators, the 01.01 Art Platform is supported by institutions in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Ghana. Its objective is to review the old commercial routes of slavery in a cultural exchange circuit that promotes fair ways to collect and consume art. Its activities allow a great circulation of artworks, artists and critical content, generating not only visibility, but a family of selected and engaged collectors. Therefore, by adding value to these productions, 01.01 promotes emerging artists and intensifies the search for established artists, proposing that collectors not only consume art, but also participate in a larger enterprise aimed at a healthier market for everyone.

Espaço do projeto (Foto: Divulgação / Ana Pigosso)

Project space (Photo: Publicity / Ana Pigosso)

Projeto Vênus (Brazil)

Projeto Vênus is the newborn art office of curator Ricardo Sardenberg, dedicated to interacting with contemporary Brazilian art and, in particular, with its São Paulo version. The gallery’s exhibitions are individual shows of the artists represented, resulting from the curator’s accompaniment. Venus also interacts with other spaces in the city of São Paulo, whether commercial or non-profit, and invites artists from other galleries to exhibitions and special projects. For the SP-Arte Viewing Room, works by Adriana Coppio, Camile Sproesser and special guest Efrain Almeida will be presented, inspired on animals.

Sem título (2007), Anna Maria Maiolino (Foto: Divulgação / Galeria Rodrigo Ratton)

Untitled (2007), Anna Maria Maiolino (Photo: Publicity / Rodrigo Ratton Gallery)

Rodrigo Ratton (Brazil)

With an extensive collection selected over 35 years collecting Brazilian, international and mainly Minas Gerais art, Rodrigo Ratton created his gallery to show a particular view of artworks by contemporary and popular artists of interest. Between 2018 and 2019, the gallery maintained a dynamic schedule with individual exhibitions by Froiid, Zé Bezerra, Lorenzato, Maria Lira Marques, Véio and Zezin. For the online edition of SP-Arte, Rodrigo Ratton gallery presents works by artists Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, Anna Maria Maiolino, Paulo Nazareth, Celso Renato, José Bezerra, Amilcar de Castro, Desali, Froiid and Janaina Tschäpe.

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