Located at the Pavilion's third floor, the Design sector reaches its fourth edition in the upcoming 15th SP-Arte. Check out the galleries confirmed so far!

15 Jan 2019, 5:12 pm

In SP-Arte’s 15th edition, taking place from 3 to 7 April at the Bienal Pavilion, the Design Sector reaches its fourth year. Located on the third floor of the Bienal Pavilion, the space is dedicated to the finest pieces of Brazilian design reuniting emblematic vintage works by names includinhg Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues, Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin and Jean Gillon as well as reeditions by designers Zanine Caldas and Ricardo Fasanello. The sector will also feature contemporary works by names such as Hugo França, Jacqueline Terpins and Ovo creative directors, Luciana Martins and Gerson Oliveira.

A new sector focused on design works by renowned Brazilian architects presents highlights by Dado Castello Branco, Lia Siqueira and Rodrigo Ohtake. Launched in SP-Arte’s last edition, the section Independent Designers returns in 2019. The space is dedicated to promoting the growth of new designers’ presence in the market and stimulating an innovating design production. Among the names confirmed so far are Plataforma 4, Noemi Saga, Ana Neute, Bianca Barbato and the Russian Vera Odyn.

The sector also presents a booth with Bancos Indígenas do Brasil [Brazilian Indigenous Benches] and an exhibition of the recently opened Museu da Cadeira Brasileira [Museum of the Brazilian Chairs], of Belmonte [Bahia]. Lounges by partners including Artefacto and Casa Vogue will promote an exciting programme on the Bienal Pavilion third floor.


Alva Design (Independent designers)
Ana Neute by Itens (Independent designers)
Apartamento 61 (Vintage/Modern)
Artemobilia Galeria (Vintage/Modern)
Arthur Casas (Architects)
Bancos Indígenas do Brasil (Contemporary)
Bianca Barbato (Independent designers)
Cristiane Musse Arte e Antiguidades (Antiques)
Dado Castello Branco (Architects)
Etel (Contemporary and modern editions)
F.Studio Arquitetura + Design (Independent designers)
Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt (Contemporary)
Homenco Antiguidades (Antiques)
Herança Cultural (Vintage/Modern)
Atelier Hugo França (Contemporary)
Humberto da Mata (Independent designers)
Indio da Costa Design (Contemporary)
Jacqueline Terpins (Contemporary)
Jaime Lerner Design (Architects)
Konsept (Independent designers)
Leandro Garcia (Independent designers)
Lia Siqueira (Architects)
Estúdio Mameluca(Contemporary)
Maneco Quinderé (Independent designers)
Nicole Tomazi (Independent designers) 
Noemi Saga Atelier (Independent designers)
Ovo (Contemporary)
Pascali Semerdjian (Architects)
Passado Composto Século XX (Vintage/Modern)
Paula Juchem (Independent designers)
Paulo Mendes da Rocha + MMBB Arquitetura (Architects)
Plantar Ideias (Contemporary)
Plataforma4 (Independent designers)
Porfírio Valladares (Contemporary)
Estúdio Rain (Independent designers)
Rafael Moraes (Modern)
Resplendor Antiguidades e Arte (Antiques)
Ricardo Graham (Independent designers)
Rodrigo Ohtake (Architects)
Sandra e Marcio (Antiques)
Sollos (Contemporary)
Loja Teo (Vintage/Modern)
Triptyque (Architects)
Vera Odyn (Independent designers) – Russia
Verniz (Vintage/Modern)

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