Júlia Rebouças is the new curator of the sector that takes works outside the Pavilion

18 Feb 2020, 2:13 pm

Please note: SP-Arte 2020 has been suspended due to force majeure. Soon, find out more about the São Paulo International Art Festival 17th edition.

This year, Júlia Rebouças takes over the curatorship of the second edition of OpenSpace, a sector that breaks with the classic booth format and takes artworks outside the Bienal Pavilion, in the Ibirapuera Park – where SP-Arte takes place. Much like an artworks’ park, the sector invites the public of the São Paulo International Art Festival to visit the exterior of Oscar Niemeyer’s building.

The idea of ​​a “garden within the garden” is the curatorial concept of this edition. “These are works selected from discussions around built landscapes, about the relationship between nature and culture and ways of occupying space. More than thinking about a set of monumental works, this edition will focus on the proximity of the scale of the body in that place,” says the curator.

Drawing from the articulation of Brazilian galleries and artists, OpenSpace is one of the curated sectors of the 16th edition of SP-Arte, which takes place from 1st to 5th April, at the Bienal Pavilion.


About the curator

Júlia Rebouças (Aracaju, Brazil, 1984. Lives in São Paulo). Works as curator and art researcher. She was the curator of the exhibition “Entrevendo”, a poetic and historical anthology of the Cildo Meireles’ production, at Sesc Pompeia. In 2019, she curated the 36th Panorama of Brazilian Art: “Sertão”, at the Museum of Modern Art – SP. In the same year, she was a member of the curatorial commission for the selection and monitoring of the 7th edition of Bolsa Pampulha, in Belo Horizonte. She was co-curator of the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo, “Incerteza Viva” (2016). From 2007 to 2015, she worked in the curatorial team of the Inhotim Institute, Minas Gerais. She collaborated with Associação Cultural Videobrasil, integrating the curatorial commission of the 18th and 19th International Contemporary Art Festivals SESC_Videobrasil, in São Paulo. She was adjunct curator of the 9th Bienal do Mercosul, in Porto Alegre, “Weather Permitting”, in 2013. She carries out several independent curatorial projects, among which we highlight the exhibition “Entrementes”, by artist Valeska Soares, at Estação Pinacoteca, São Paulo (2018), the exhibition “MitoMotim”, at Galpão VB, São Paulo (2018), and “Zona de instabilidade”, with works by artist Lais Myrrha, at Caixa Cultural Sé, São Paulo, in 2013, and at Caixa Cultural Brasília, in 2014. She holds a PhD from the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (2017).


OpenSpace sector in 2019

Curated by Cauê Alves, the debuting OpenSpace functioned like an artworks’ park, inviting Festival visitors to navigate the exterior of Oscar Niemeyer’s building. Other works completed the exhibition at Praça das Bandeiras, one of the main entrances to the Bienal Pavilion. Works by important national and foreign artists made up a diverse selection, spanning periods, materials and discussions around sculpture and installation.

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