365 Curatorship

365 Curatorship : Interview with Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

10 May 2021, 4:50 pm

For the occasion of 365 Curatorship, held in partnership with the Preview platform, SP–Arte receives four new curators on its website.

We spoke here with curator Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, who signs the selection “Empty Night”.


Could you tell us a bit about what guided your curatorship in this first edition of Curadoria 365?

GPB : I first went through the new works uploaded to the platform and made a completely intuitive selection, with no fixed idea of a theme or any kind of restriction. Once I looked at the approximately twenty works I selected, I looked for commonalities between them. I noticed that many images were nocturnal, and remember the wonderful Brazilian film “Noite Vazia”[Empty Night] by Walter Hugo Khouri. I decided to make an exhibition inspired by that movie, by its mood of seduction, loneliness and urbanity.


How do you see the possibility of curatorships via virtual platforms?

GPB : I think that the digital space can give you much freedom in that you don’t need to rely on the expensive and complicated (not to mention un-ecological) processes of making a physical exhibition. But it’s not enough just to choose works and stick them on a website; I think that the narration and explanation are really important online, as the viewer is typically on their own, and usually wants to learn something about the works and why they were chosen. It can be really frustrating to see an image, and not know anything about it, or know who to ask.

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