365 Curatorship

365 Curatorship : Interview with Carollina Lauriano

12 May 2021, 8:10 am

For the occasion of 365 Curatorship, held in partnership with the Preview platform, SP–Arte receives four new curators on its website.

We spoke here with curator Carollina Lauriano, who signs the selection “Body/Experience as an Inventive Territory”.


Could you tell us a bit about what guided your curatorship in this first edition of Curadoria 365?

CL : The historical / social / political / economic idea of the ​​body has always been present in my research, because to talk about gender, race and gender identity, it is necessary to understand the readings that society still carries about normativity so that we can deconstruct them. Through this curatorship I create a small snapshot of how some artists have used the body as a support for subversion and resistance strategies in a world that tries to make them invisible on a daily basis.


How do you see the possibility of curatorships via virtual platforms?

CL : This answer always puts me in contradiction. I see it as a potential to broaden discussions, as they have the capacity to reach a larger audience, since they go beyond geographical boundaries; at the same time, it is another way of experiencing art, since no canvas is capable of giving the dimension of the real and all the nuances that involve the collision of the body with the work, of the subjective activations, etc.

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