Ianah Maia

Brazil, 1989


Ianah Maia was born in Recife, Pernambuco, and lives and works in Olinda. Her authorial work circulates among paintings, urban art, animations and photographic self-portraits. Ianah brings us an honest, darkened look of unusual beauty about affections and feelings that she finds in herself and other black women. Her artistic research has been accompanied by theoretical and practical research in intersectional feminism, agro-ecology, decoloniality, Afro-diaphorical cultures, and the Afro-eco-feminist activism to which she dedicates herself.

Among the national and international exhibitions in which he participated are the individuals "Água", at galeria Urban Arts Recife (Recife, 2015), and "Temporal", at Mia Café (Recife, 2019); and the group shows "Ilustradoras pernambucanas", at I Salão de Humor Gráfico da Galeria Janete Costa (Recife, 2012), and "Entremoveres", of nacional Trovoa, at Museu da Abolição (Recife, 2019).

In 2017 he participated in the InArte/Urbana artist residency (Natal-RN), where he began to investigate the technique of natural earth paint (geotinta) for use in urban art murals. Since then she has dedicated most of her productions to this technique. Ianah is part of the artistic collective Entremoveres, which is part of the Levante Nacional Trovoa, and is also part of the Terra Coletiva (a collective of Brazilian artists who work with natural paint) and the crew of graffiti and urban art PixeGirls.

Source: Nacional Trovoa.

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