Caio Marcolini

Brazil, 1985


Caio Marcolini was born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, in 1985 and lives and works in Porto, Portugal. He is an artist and jewel designer. Marcolini holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 2012), and has an Associate Degree in Jewelry (Senai, Rio de Janeiro, 2007). He researches the material and the ethereal, making objects through a weaving process created by himself.

Among the national and international exhibitions in which he participated are the group shows “Através da trama”, at Home Art Gallery (São Paulo, 2016), “5º Salão de Outono da América Latina”, at Memorial da América Latina (São Paulo, 2017), “Arte de Bolso 2018”, at Galeria Sete (Coimbra, Portugal, 2018), and “Coletiva70”, at Casa 70 (Lisboa, Portugal, 2020).

Source: Oá Galeria.

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