Beatriz Milhazes

Brazil, 1960


Over the last decade, she has become one of the most popular Brazilian artists in the contemporary scene on the strength of the major pictorial impact of her work as well as exhibitions held in important international institutions. Painter, engraver and illustrator, Beatriz Milhazes´ unique style manifests in the hallmark circular, colorful and Carnivalesque patterns in her paintings. Featuring in exhibitions that characterized the 80s Generation - a group of artists that embraced painting and sought new techniques and materials - her pictures have sold for record sums for Brazilian artwork at Sotheby' s auction in New York. Mixing the popular and erudite in her paintings, Beatriz Milhazes works with decals and colorful collages, and her ornamentations draw on the influences of painters such as Guignard (1896-1962) and Henri Matisse (1869-1954) as well as on baroque art.

Source: Galeria Almeida e Dale


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