Alexander Gray Associates

New York, Estados Unidos


Alexander Gray Associates is a contemporary art gallery in New York. Through exhibitions, research, and artist representation, the Gallery spotlights artistic movements and artists who emerged in the mid- to late-Twentieth Century. Influential in cultural, social, and political spheres, these artists are notable for creating work that crosses geographic borders, generational contexts and artistic disciplines. Alexander Gray Associates is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America.

Polly Apfebaum
Frank Bowling
Ricardo Brey
Luis Camnitzer
Melvin Edwards
Coco Fusco
Harmony Hammond
Lorraine O’Grady
Betty Parsons
Joan Semmel
Hassan Sharif
Regina Silveira
Valeska Soares
Hugh Steers
Jack Tworkov

Jan-Feb: Hassan Sharif, Semi-Systems
Feb-April: Kay Rosen, Stirring Wirds
April-May: Harmony Hammond, Inappropriate Longings
June-July: Hugh Steers, The Nullities of Life
Sept-Oct: Frank Bowling, Make It New
Oct-Dec: Lorraine O'Grady, Cutting Out CONYT (upcoming)

Jan-Feb: Sergei Eisenstein, Drawings 1931–1948
Feb-Apr: Luis Camnitzer, Short Stories
Apr-May: Melvin Edwards, In Oklahoma
May-Jul: Betty Parsons, Invisible Presence
Sept-Oct: Polly Apfelbaum, The Potential of Women
Oct-Dec: Valeska Soares, Neither Here Nor There

Jan-Feb: Coco Fusco
Feb-Mar: Regina Silveira
Apr-May: Hassan Sharif
May-June: Harmony Hammond
July-Aug: Haptic (Group exhibition)
Sept-Oct: Joan Semmel, New Work
Oct-Dec: Siah Armajani


Alexander Gray
John Kunemund

Como Chegar

New York
West 26 Street, 510
New York, NY
1 212 399-2636