Picks 365: Julia Porchat and Felipe Melo

27 Jun 2019, 4:06 pm

SP-Arte 365 is a platform that connects galleries with art and design lovers. Much as a digital showroom, the user can browse through artists and favorite artworks pages and start a chat with the gallery in order to request more information.

Julia Porchat and Felipe Melo, founders of Art Ahead Advisory, participate in Picks 365 with comments on their five favorite works available on our website. Take a look!

Jessica Mein is a young artist who cruises between the vibrant scenes of São Paulo and Buenos Aires. In her work, the artist creates subversions to the most traditional media, seeking to reveal different spatial spectra, translating into images that investigate processes such as the mass production of printed materials for commercial purposes. The result is harmonic and very questioning.”

Frederico Filippi highly connects with the Brazilian and Latin American social and political perspectives producing work that permeates friction. His work observes this friction between conflict and harmony, with highly provocative aspects.”

SP-Arte 2019

“This Sign Desperate to Espace”, 2019
Laure Prouvost

30 x 40 cm

“The French artist Laure Prouvost makes use of the meanings imbued in the most diverse symbols and icons to make emotionally engaged questionings, often ironic or humorous of social moments. This work carries such well-established characteristic. Prouvost is an artist in the spotlight and is responsible for the acclaimed French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2019.”

Thiago Honório carries out investigations on materiality and space, but dissociates his creation from fixed themes. This painting procedure refers to the most usual practices, to the most obvious and certain finality of paint as finishing, creating in this process an incredible conceptual distortion. Thiago features in important collections and recently showed his work in the “Living Room” of the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York.”

SP-Arte 2019

“Nova”, 2016
Erika Verzutti

Oil on papier mâché and expanded polystyrene
335 x 800 x 20 cm
© Erika Verzutti. Photo: Eduardo Ortega

Erika Verzutti develops her career upon complex sculptural practices that make use of materials ranging from papier-mâché to bronze, through painting and photography. This year, the artist presented a retrospective of her works at the important Centre Pompidou, in Paris.”

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