São Paulo, Brazil


Utópica was founded in 2007, named FASS during its first ten years, as a pioneer in the rescue of photographers active until the 1970s and in the appreciation of vintage photography in Brazil. Since then we have been researching and showcasing modern photography, the link between photography and literature, photojournalism and various other subjects, driven by the curiosity and the contribution of our collaborators and partners to whom we owe much of our prestige.
For years we immersed ourselves in the works of some of the masters that chance and fortune placed in our path, German Lorca, Fernando Lemos, Annemarie Heinrich and Horacio Coppola, among others. We believe that information and reflection are tools to open minds, also that art makes sense when it asks us to look beyond the daily, pragmatic struggle for survival in which we are inserted, another vision of what we think reality is, another space, a no place, a kind of Utopia.


Pablo Di Giulio
Marcella Brandimarti


São Paulo
Rodésia, 26
São Paulo, SP