SteinArt Escritório de Arte

São Paulo, Brazil


STEINART, Claudio and Yael Steiner’s art office, with Atelier Yutaka Toyota present “YUTAKA TOYOTA: an experience journey at SParte2019.

From Butô to immersive art, protagonism, legacy, tradition and contemporaneity.

The artist Yutaka Toyota, one of the most avant-garde contemporary artists, will be presented through his works, since the 60's, including the creation of exclusive works for this year's fair.

In addition we will have experiential immersive programming in transversality with the works of the artist, with Emilie Sugai reference in Butô and book launch work of the artist.


Claudio Steiner


São Paulo
R. Conselheiro Brotero, 1057
São Paulo, SP
55 11 96497