SIM Galeria

São Paulo, Brazil
Curitiba, Brazil


SIM Galeria opened its doors 8 years ago in Curitiba by Guilherme and Laura Simões de Assis. It was a natural achievement since they grew up in the art world, at their father’s gallery: Simões de Assis Galeria de Arte, founded in 1984.

SIM connects its historical legacy to a fresh and innovative management. In order to meet the sophisticated standards that national and international art scenes demand, the gallery seeks to promote career development processes, by supporting and encouraging exhibitions of artists locally and internationally; exploring markets, attending artfairs and engaging in solid enhancement of the contemporary world.

In 2018, SIM São Paulo was launched, to broaden the operations in Brazil and worldwide. With a cast of emerging and renowned Brazilian and foreign artists, the gallery holds thoughtful and experimental shows organized by invited curators and active art enthusiasts. Its program presents both individual and group exhibitions. In addition, the gallery carries out educational projects, to expand and deepen knowledge about the current nature of artistic production.


Guilherme Simões de Assis
Laura Simões de Assis


São Paulo
Rua Sarandi, 113 A
São Paulo, SP

Al. Presidente Taunay, 130A
Curitiba, PR