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Sandra & Marcio

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Sandra & Márcio is a company that has been in the market of art and decoration for more than 40 years, under the the supervision of specialists Sandra and Juliana Penna and Luiz Márcio Ferreira de Carvalho Filho. The company offers a mix of antiques, oriental rugs, ethnic objects and design pieces. The store is the exclusive representative in Brazil of contemporary Odegard Carpets, considered the best in the world today. The personalized service, both to designers and customers, is a reference in the market. The company also provides advisory services and curatorship to collectors.


Sandra Penna
Luiz Márcio Ferreira de Carvalho Filho
Juliana Penna Ferreira de Carvalho


Belo Horizonte
R. Passa Tempo, 477
Belo Horizonte, MG
+55 (31) 3227-3870

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