Ricardo Graham Ferreira

Nova Friburgo, Brazil


Woodworking arrived as a joyful activity to the life of this Brazilian artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After graduating in marketing and working a short time with it, Ricardo Graham made an important decision in his life and gave him self a chance to learn what he has loved since a little kid: woodworking.

In 2002 he went to Italy. More precisely to the Brianza region, and there stayed for 3 years learning "ebanisteria" in Meda, "the city of furniture making". After that went to the south of France where he obtained a higher degree in woodworking, after one year attending the École Supérieure d'Ébénisterie d’Avignon, a prestigious school located in Provence. Ricardo's workshop, known as “oEbanista”, was established in 2006, and it's located at Nova Friburgo, a city found on the green mountains of Rio de Janeiro.

His creations are the result of a constant process of research, where "inspiration matters as much as my years of study. It is always necessary the unknown, because it is there that the space for the creation of something original is born ". His work is driven by a creative impulse, where the raw material divides protagonism with traditional carpentry techniques and the irredevable finishes.

In 2018 Ricardo's awarded "Sela stool" gains a new scale with the partnership signed with the Danish PP Møbler.


Ricardo Graham Ferreira
Maria Eduarda Carneiro da Cunha


Nova Friburgo
Estrada do Belório, 105
Nova Friburgo, RJ
+55 (21) 99378-7022