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Pop-se + Decornautas

São Paulo, Brazil


Pop-se is an original and exclusive – not exclusivist – magazine. It’s different from anything you’ve seen and has no connection with what we’ve done before. It’s not a sequel to any other media title and it holds a unique position in this segment. In a time where people are turning inwards and into their own habitats, it takes a stand alongside design’s finest and aligns itself with fundamental questions regarding how to better relate with your space, your city, your life.

An indoor-outdoor lifestyle publication supported by the art of living well. The best of artistic production, fashion/architecture photo essays, more inclusive discussions about antagonistic themes that go from the quota system to gender issues – all from a non-boring (and non-conventional) point of view.

Great personalities from the cultural arena (fine arts, music, cinema, television and the like) in casual settings sharing their opinions like nowhere else. Dream houses (for us and probably for you too). Industrial design arranged to make you happy. Good food and other amuse-bouches that also feed those who seek more than food itself (but also art and fun).


Allex Colontonio
André Rodrigues


São Paulo
R. Artur de Azevedo, 1217
São Paulo, SP
+55 (11) 3213-1321

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